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Quiet, Rainy Beach Day...

It was either overcast or actually raining today -- which is really no big deal for the beach, after all. (And that's any time of the year, much less the end of November...)

It's been so BEAUTIFUL the rest of the time that we really didn't mind.

We got up at a reasonable hour, to tell the truth. We frequently sleep in here at the beach.

I spoke to Kris fairly early, actually. Marilyn and I had been concerned that the Server was down in the office. But apparently Integra was down as early as Wednesday morning (!!!) -- Kris had tried cycling everything in the office with no effect. Christine didn't contact me -- she should have, even though I was on vacation. (I always, always need to know!!!) I get that she couldn't use email to reach me and that the phones were out, as well. But she could have called me on her cell phone...

Kris said that he opened a ticket with Integra -- and that they had a lot of customers down. They told him they'd fixed the issue, but if so, why are we unable to get on the internet???

Marilyn and I knew there was an issue for two reasons: We're not getting emails from the office on our devices, and I haven't been able to Remote to the office. I'd been worried this might be something involving the certificate, as we've been having issues with that, as well. You know, when it rains, it pours. (sigh)

I ended up talking to both Kris and Donn. Donn is back from his long trip to China. I'm having him work tomorrow, because he really needs to do the INVENTORY list that will go to the finance department and to the auditors. Hopefully he'll get started processing all those donated monitors, too...

Marilyn and I talked about going shopping for ages today. And we finally did late afternoon. We'd dropped in to Jones New York last night and hadn't liked anything there, so we (obviously) didn't go back there. But we did go over to Famous Footwear, and Marilyn got some boots and running shoes (and I go some socks). We also went to Claire's, but didn't buy much there. Just some holiday earrings...

We'd considered going to the parade and tree lighting in Seaside, but the rain changed our minds. Neither one of us wanted to be standing out in it.

And we'd been talking about seeing a movie both yesterday and today, but decided not to go. We just weren't up for it.

You might imagine we were disappointed not to do those things, but that's really not true. We've been enjoying the quiet time here at the beach house, doing pretty much nothing. It's really been just fine! We love doing our Instagram Edits (so much fun and so artistic) and just watching TV and reading. Really lovely...

We ended up going to dinner for Chinese food. It was great fun and delicious! They'll be open Christmas Eve again (like last year), so I'm sure that's where we'll be eating again this year...

Two things: The changes across the street where they took down the trees for a new parking lot for the church have turned out fine. It really doesn't look bad at all. (And we know the church will keep things up.) Plus guess what??? We've never had On Demand here before -- but now suddenly we have it! It's very exciting for people who love watching TV as much as we do!

We did phone friend Shari yesterday to wish her a Happy Thanksgiving. She seemed a little better than the last time we spoke. She doesn't go out at all anymore, so she was spending the day at home. They were supposed to be having a Thanksgiving dinner (it hadn't happened when we talked -- too early). She had watched part of the Macy's parade, but not all.

I had thought about calling others to offer holiday wishes, but aside from our sister Sue it just didn't happen. Oh well...

We decided to put off the eNewsletter for RHSAA until next week. It's impossible with no access to our work emails (!!!) right now to gather the info we need. So we're letting it go for now. We'll get it out. It's not like anyone can give us a hard time about it. Marilyn is doing most of the work for them right now -- and nobody else is doing much. And if we don't do the eNewsletters they simply don't get done. So...

I took down all the Thanksgiving decorations tonight. We plan to decorate for Christmas in the morning. We're going home before dark tomorrow, as there might be SNOW in the mountains on Sunday -- and you can't get from the coast to Portland without going through mountain ranges. So...

All the various Christmas episodes of TV shows that aired today were good fun, by the way. Loved 'em!

I guess that about covers today. I need to do an update on our Instagram fandom accounts. Maybe tomorrow... (I did go over 300! I'm very excited!)

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