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At the Beach House -- Got Here Early (for Us)...

Marilyn and I actually managed to leave the Portland house by before 10:00 a.m. this morning, if you can believe that! Hahaha. That's not like us at all. We usually feel good if we're on the road by noon-ish. We got up at a decent hour and she got ready to go immediately. I actually went to get packed, then finally pulled myself together.

The cats (Colin and Henry) were WONDERFUL this trip down! Colin cried a tiny bit right after we got in the car (barely at all), and Henry complained when we stopped to get some food. (He basically told us that he didn't appreciate us eating when he couldn't! One of the reasons he doesn't like the long ride is he gets HUNGRY during it. Because of his condition he literally snacks all day and night long, little bites at a time. Poor guy...)

It was a lovely ride -- dry and sunny. And for ages we had very little traffic. It increased, of course, but was never terrible. This is the busiest travel day of the entire year for the United States, so we felt pretty lucky.

It got warmer and warmer as we got toward Seaside (Oregon), by the way! I think it was slightly over 60° by the time we were here. Really nice! The sun was just beating in the front windshield and really lovely!

We stopped on the way to the house at the liquor store to pick up a couple of things, before heading here. We were both feeling like taking a nap, but we unpacked and settled in and fooled with our iPads and watched some TV. Then Marilyn suggested we go in to Seaside, so we did. There was a ton of parking (!!!), which is generally unheard of, ever. I guess it hasn't been all that busy, even with the holiday.

We walked around and went down to see the ocean and snap some photos on our phones.

We ended up going to the Crabby Oyster to have chowder and a beer. We LOVE their chowder, by the way! The woman (owner? manager?) there is just a lovely person -- so sweet. She recognized us and gave us the 'local' discount without us even saying we live here. Pretty cool!

After eating we went to check on the Pig 'N Pancake for tomorrow -- and we actually remembered the exact hours (they close at 3:00 p.m. Thanksgiving Day). We want to go there to eat, just like we did last year. We also checked on the Seaside Parade of Lights (their annual Christmas parade). It's at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, with the tree lighting and caroling at 8:00 and free refreshments at 8:20. We really enjoyed that last year and are looking forward to it again this year.

We did have a long nap when we got back home here, which was VERY nice (!!!). We were both shocked when we woke up and saw it was after 9:00! We needed to go to the store and pick some things up, so we finally forced ourselves to get dressed again and head to Safeway.

Right now I'm coloring my hair -- something I've never tackled here at the beach before! It didn't occur to me to bring along my old robe, that I always wear when doing this task. It's been covered with hair color many times and is stained and worn, but keeps me from being naked while I wait. I found an old pair of jeans that I didn't care if they got stained, then took a tee and cut it down the front, so I could pull it on without going over my head. It actually worked out fine! It's almost time to rinse off the color, so we'll see how well I did. I tried to get myself to color my hair yesterday, but just never got around to it...

After I finish up this blog, I need to WORK. I've got a News item to put up at the festival website, then I have to do the eNewsletter for RHSAA (two versions, as is true every time), which needs to go out tomorrow or Friday (at the latest). Yeah, I could have worked on all this before now, but that's how it goes...

On a VERY SAD NOTE (sigh), Marilyn brought the wrong charger for her new iPad Air (!!!). And it's nearly dead as we speak. She's already addicted to using it, so even though she brought the old one, that's not going to cut it. Tons of stuff she needs is on the new one, so...

I did try to get her to buy an extra charger when we last went to Freddies, but she didn't want to spend the $$$. They really zing you on this, frankly! It's $20 just for the cable alone -- then the charger part (that plugs into an outlet) is another $40 (I think). Hope we can find it here at the beach!

I really hope those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving will have a wonderful time tomorrow! We're looking forward to it.

That's it for today!

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