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Busy Day? You Bet!

Amanda was here this evening and Marilyn just finished up with her massage. Again, this is therapy (especially for her shoulders), so whatever you're thinking about a 'relaxing' time is miles from true. Right now she's in a TON of pain and icing her body. And she's always exhausted after she gets done...

We were supposed to go shopping tonight -- as if that could ever happen after she's had a massage! What was I thinking to believe that for one second??? Hahaha. We'll be shopping tomorrow.

For whatever reason, I'd totally forgotten that I MUST get the garbage and recycling (!!!) DONE before we leave for the beach. This is 'real' garbage week -- and we don't have another one for two weeks. So unless I believe I could somehow combine four weeks of garbage for the next pickup, this must happen, period.

I forgot to get liners for the cat boxes last time I shopped, which means I had to re-use their liners last week. And there's no way that can happen again, so I've got to get liners tomorrow...

No, I haven't even started to do any garbage for this week. I should have forced myself to do that tonight, but oh well...

I did mess around just a little bit with the Roosevelt High School Alumni Association Fall eNewsletter, but I didn't get all that far. Hopefully it will go quickly when I finally do it. We'll send it out on Friday -- the day after Thanksgiving. Which is what we did last year... It's the first of two holiday appeals we'll do -- the second will go out in December.

Anyway, I've started on a header banner -- but that's about as far as I got.

As for TODAY, remember how I wasn't supposed to go to work? Well that flew right out the window. Marilyn was dressed and ready to go, then we got word that Jeff was having computer problems. So I dashed to get dressed, to do my makeup and hair and we headed in. Marilyn had this highly unrealistic goal of only staying two hours. Right. Hahahaha. Um, that wasn't even close to happening.

I did my best to try and fix Jeff's problem, which appeared at first to be about Outlook. That was only the tip of the iceberg, I'm afraid! So after trying several things, I finally had to call in Kris. He came by and we worked out a plan -- and he took Jeff's machine home with him. In the meantime, Jeff is set up on an intern machine -- which means it's an inferior piece of equipment. Well, that's how it goes! I don't have ANY spare machines -- something that Jeff and I actually talked about at length. So...

The situation with computers in our office is just so difficult right now. We could use at least 10 NEW and decent machines, to be honest. Some of the machines are so old it's amazing they function at all. We've done the very best we can, but we're finally to the point that machines are failing all over the place. And I'm at a loss as to what I can do...

That's not our entire day, but you can figure out the rest, I'm sure. Marilyn worked away like mad -- and she's had trouble with her computer since last May (!!!), so how she functions is beyond me. She was able to use some of the stuff I did on Saturday to help with the Board Update, so that made me feel really, really good!

We did dash out and get meatloaf sandwiches and Starbucks at one point, then ate at our desks. That's all we've had today, and I'm actually feeling hungry now (as it's past 10:00). I wonder if she's hungry? We do have leftover hot dogs, though no chili...

I did talk to June -- and take the wine over to them. That's one thing checked off my list! And we had some gifts for Amanda (in case we don't see her before Christmas). And I talked briefly to sister Sue and to Kris (working on the computer) this evening, too. (We missed "Jeopardy" -- boo hoo.)

Donn got home today -- but I haven't had a chance to talk to him. I'm sure he's exhausted. So clearly he won't be working for me tomorrow. And maybe not Wednesday, either. (sigh) I wonder if he can work Friday and/or Saturday???

Well, no idea when tomorrow we'll be able to pack up and head for the beach. I hope we don't have to drive there in the dark, because Marilyn hates that. And it gets dark so early now!

Off to relax and watch some TV (and maybe eat) now...

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