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Beautiful Day...

We actually got up at a half-decent time this morning -- unusual for a Sunday morning! Hahaha. We wanted to go get breakfast at McDonald's, something we really do enjoy.

On our way there we saw signs for the Holy Cross bazaar, so after getting food (no coffee), we headed back to this (it's just off Lombard, a main drag in this part of town).

We bought a few things, but mostly we talked to a ton of people. Most of them were people we didn't know, but we also ran into a few people we did know (like Florence and Betty). We heard the latest about Sister Helen, who used to live in the convent that was right next door to our home (where we lived before this current house). She now lives at Mary's Woods, a retirement community for sisters. She had a couple of strokes last year, which is sad. But she's still able to do her art (!!!), which is very, very good. She draws and paints and makes her own line of greeting cards, of which I have many. She was a good friend to our mom (before her death), and is still looked after by (the amazing) Sister Mary Ryan...

Anyway, that was fun. We might have stayed there longer, but it was WAY TOO HOT inside for anyone wearing a coat, so we finally had to leave. Marilyn was starting to think she would faint!

Then we 'took a ride' -- or basically decided to go shopping for some things we needed at Walmart, so we went to the one in St. Helens. We like that drive, and we got pop AND water (the local one that just opened doesn't carry Diet Dr. Pepper or Dasani, which is the bottled water we drink).

We spent some time on our Instagram accounts. Here are the latest numbers:
Revenge4Us: 687
TheWalkingDead4Us: 274

Since Monday (when I last did these numbers), Marilyn's 'Revenge' account has 58 (!!!) new Followers, and my 'TWD' account has 30 new Followers. How about that???

We're still really wrapped up in these accounts and love making new Edits to share...

We watched "The Walking Dead" tonight (of course) -- it was a really interesting episode (no, I won't spoil)!!!

After working all day yesterday, it was nice to take today off. And even though Mondays are usually off for us this time of year, Marilyn is planning to work tomorrow (at least half the day). She encouraged me NOT to work, though, so I'm staying home. If sister Sue feels like it, we'll go to Costco. Otherwise I'll just do some stuff around the house.

I also want to get by at least briefly to see June and take over some bottles of wine we have for her and Jim for Thanksgiving. They're going to have company for Thanksgiving, so we decided one bottle wasn't enough. (smile)

We still don't know if Sue (Nicole and her bf) will be coming down this week, but it looks like it's not happening. And Jim made it pretty clear that he and June would be spending a lot of time getting ready for their company to come, so they won't be coming down to the beach, either...

June has kindly agreed to bring in our mail for us while we're away. And she and Jim and sister Sue (plus the neighbors across the street) are all going to watch the house for us. This always makes us feel good when we're gone.

Our goal at this point is to leave on Tuesday for the beach house. (Don't know how long we'll be staying, though...)

Marilyn wants us to put up our Christmas tree while we're down there -- before we head for home. Then we'll be sure we're pretty much decorated when we head down in December over Christmas. We'd wanted to make a special trip last year just to decorate, but it never happened, which meant we spent a bunch of time during our Christmas vacation on preparing for the holiday! We're bound and determined not to do that this year!

Well, we're off to bed soon. Marilyn does need to sleep before going to work in the morning...

And that was our Sunday!

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