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Crazy Busy Day!

I started off the day afraid I was getting a COLD (!!!). So I took a big dose of cough medicine (liquid) and went back to bed and slept in -- which made me feel much better, happily!

Today I needed to work on the eNewsletter that will go out TOMORROW (!!!) -- and which I'm still working on now. (sigh) I should have gotten a better start on it yesterday, but other things got in the way. And today I just had so many OTHER things I needed to get done...

I'm pleased with my banner, which I think turned out quite nicely. Ego, ego. But seriously, it's an artistic outlet and I'm pleased by the work I do, so I don't think it's wrong to be proud of it.

Sister Sue kindly agreed to take me shopping -- I needed kitty litter and some groceries. So she picked me up after her show and we went to Freddies. That was one QUICK shopping trip, I have to tell you! I was almost running to get things. And Sue treated me to Starbucks, which was very sweet of her.

Then she took me to get my meds at RiteAid. Naturally they were missing one of my diabetic meds (!!!), so we had to wait while they got it for me. (Seriously??? Why does this keep happening???)

I spoke with NWGC (my Gastroenteroloy clinic) again today. I wasn't at all nasty when I asked when I would get my results. I just said it would be two weeks tomorrow, and I was told last week it should take one week. But she was a bit snarky with me -- trying to make me feel guilty for phoning, I guess. She said they would naturally contact people with more important results first. I guess if you don't have cancer you're not 'important.' In that case, I'll settle for being unimportant, thanks! Hahaha.

I mentioned that Dr. D. had said he might want to do another test on me, so then she transferred me to his assistant. She was busy, so I left her a message. An aside: I often leave both my home number AND cell number -- in that order. And they almost always call back on the cell. I wonder WHY??? Shouldn't they try the first number first? Oh well. At some point she called and my cell did NOT ring (that happens, as I'm sure you all know) -- so she left a message with my results and told me there was a prescription for me to pick up and start. I do hate it when your doctor puts you on meds without meeting with you (it's happened to me a lot over the years), but oh well...

The good news is that my most serious result was that I have acid reflux and need to take meds for it. So I can't really complain...

Went out and stuck the oil again today. It was BITTER cold outside, by the way (brr). We had around 98 gallons of oil. (The stick isn't all that clear to read. If you have oil, you know what I mean. Otherwise it probably sounds crazy to you...)

Then I called about ordering oil. The price was $662 for 200 gallons (!!!) and $351 for 100 gallons. (Marilyn wants me to get 200.) I discussed the whole FILTER issue with her. We have a special filter for our furnace that must be bought through someone who handles that type of filter -- meaning the people who sold and installed our furnace back in 2006, our oil company. We've tried REPEATEDLY to get one and have never had them come through to date. No idea why. So I made it clear that was an issue for us. We can't just go to a store and buy it like most people can. So I ordered two of them.

But Marilyn had also wanted me to set up for furnace maintenance -- and have them bring out the filters when they came. So I called back and delayed the oil delivery (until after servicing) and set up for service -- and getting our filters -- this Friday.

I also did a big load of dishes today and started clearing out the fridge. I was tossing out a bunch of food and so on and then I flushed some of it down my toilet. Big, big mistake! This is TMI: I'd had a hard poop just before this, so I guess that and the Chinese noodles clogged it up. The next thing I know I've got water all over the floor and I'm trying to fix it with a plunger. No go.

I call June near tears and she sends her husband Jim over to help. He spent a bunch of time and effort trying to fix it, but it wasn't happening. I call Marilyn and she's surprised I'd bothered. I don't need her say-so to get a plumber on the problem. Poor Jim! It was so nice of him to come over and try and try. It made me feel terrible for him...

Called Crouchley Plumbing -- we've used them forever. But they never seem to be available anymore -- the same was true the last couple of times we've tried them. They sent me to ProDrain and I could get someone today if I was willing to have them in the evening. The cost was $92 flat fee (assuming there was no unusual issues), plus $25 overtime (for past 5:00 p.m.). That's $117 if you prefer not to do the math...

He phoned me at 5:00 that he was on his way and was here by around 5:30. It took him less than 10 minutes, tops, to fix (!!!). Then I paid with my credit card on his iPad, which took longer than the actual work. Hahaha.

I solemnly swear I will NEVER flush food again. I really mean it! As Jim told me, that's what the compost bin is for...

I also gathered a BUNCH of garbage and took it out. Then went back to the eNewsletter.

Marilyn got home around 7:30 p.m. and I made dinner not long after that...

I need to be sure Jason knows we are NOT having lunch, as planned, this week. It will have to wait until December at this point... (sigh) There's just no way to get it in this week -- and we're on vacation next week.

Well, that's most of my day. I didn't have a bite to eat until late afternoon -- so thank heaven for my Starbucks! I really wolfed down a bun with peanut butter.

I need to update about the book I finished and about Instagram, but I am DONE for today! Time for sleep...
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