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Marilyn Got Her New iPad Air!

The best part of today??? Marilyn got the text telling her that her new iPad Air was waiting for pickup at the downtown Portland store (located in Pioneer Place). So after work she and I walked over there (in the pitch dark) to pick it up! (woo hoo) It's amazing!!!

She came right home and started backing up her old iPad -- and now she's moving everything to the new iPad. The iPad Air is so LIGHTWEIGHT and pretty! I'm very excited for Marilyn!!!

I came home and made dinner -- but I didn't even think that the last time I made this same thing the smell of it made Marilyn SICK and she couldn't eat it. So I might need to toss out dinner and start over from scratch. (sigh)

Can I just say I really HATE trying to figure out what we'll eat each night. I'm NOT a good cook at all. And we eat the same damn things over and over again. I wish I was a decent cook, at least. I always want to get takeout or fast food, and this is why. It's not about loving those foods, it's just about hating to come up with dinner...

This isn't always true, so don't feel sorry for me. I'm just going through a stage, I guess. I find it especially hard to even think when I'm tired -- and I'm pretty much tired all the time these days...

The rest of the day?

I went to work to make sure the phones got fixed (as we had no phones Friday afternoon or all day Monday). Kris called me as we were driving to work. He'd gotten an email from Rich sent to the Staff telling us the phones were out. Everybody else knew, of course. But Rich doesn't work either Fridays or Mondays, so he was the last to know...

Anyway, Kris told me what to try. As soon as I got Starbucks (Rich and I walked over in the rain, because I had to have coffee -- plus something to eat, as my blood sugar was low this morning and I was a bit shaky), I came back and headed to the IT Room. I did recycles of some routers and the Phone Server. I wasn't that hopeful, but amazingly enough IT WORKED!!! So we got back up again.

Jeff called me out in Staff Meeting and everybody applauded. But I called Kris out, so he could get the nod -- after all, I only did what he told me to do. (However, it was a good thing I was there to do it, because really nobody else could do that...) Anyway, I guess we BOTH deserved the good wishes. (smile)

Rich and I had a lunch meeting (we went for Chinese) -- and discussed what to do with our photos on a go-forward. It was very fruitful -- can't wait to implement this plan!

Off to eat dinner now!

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