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Marilyn did some cleaning today -- but I can't claim I was really much help. I really need to get in and do some stuff around, no doubt about it! I guess things just seem to keep getting in my way.

What I didn't get done today was ordering oil. That needs to happen, so hopefully tomorrow!

Hector did come last Friday, thankfully. So the leaves were done and the gutters cleaned. (woo hoo) And hopefully he'll be back for MORE leaves this week. I think we're getting closer to being done with all that, but we have so damn many trees on our property it's almost scary...

It's been stormy today -- rain and a lot of wind, too!

Both Marilyn and I have been doing Edits for Instagram. We really enjoy the artistic outlet a lot. The last time I reported on stats, Marilyn's Revenge account was up to 600 Followers and my The Walking Dead account was up to 224 Followers (that was on Saturday, November 16). As of today:
Revenge4Us: 629
TheWalkingDead4Us: 244

That's 29 new Followers for the first one and 20 for the second -- not bad in two days!

Of course, I've been totally neglecting my personal Instagram account (!!!), I'm sorry to report. I've even lost some Followers, but I deserve it. I haven't posted a photo since Halloween (!!!). There's just not enough time in the day, I swear.

Marilyn did a great job in the family room -- it looks so nice! (And that includes the stairs going up to the kitchen, plus the landing for the door that leads to the garage.) And she just finished up on the treadmill, too! She's amazing, as always...

That's my day in a nutshell. Oh! I was KIK-ing with someone from Instagram, but had to stop. Couldn't get him to quit asking about my age. I wish that wasn't an issue, but frankly, it is. I only want to use KIK to share things related to the TWD account (it's commonly used at Instagram to exchange photos). I don't need to have some underage youth interacting with me, because the age difference IS an issue, whether it should be or not. (sigh)

Did you ever think you'd get to a point in your life where you had to worry about being seen as a 'dirty old' man or woman? I would NEVER discuss anything inappropriate, believe me. In fact, I was trying to discuss the Instagram TOS (not a 'sexy' thing at all, hahaha), but he kept asking and asking about my age. 'Old' was not working for him. I started having KIK act up (it does a lot, by the way), so I just quit messaging with him. I don't mind friendly interaction, but I really don't want to appear to be a stalker (!!!) or anything else of that nature. Many of the TWD fans are young -- very young. There's nothing at all wrong with that. And my goal in every interaction I've ever had online from the very beginning is to try and have pleasant interactions and be a good influence whenever I'm around really young people.

There's no law that says adults and youth can't interact. But the onus is on the ADULT to behave responsibly, after all. Generally young people have to be a minimum age to even have accounts. That age is 13 at Instagram, but it's still underage. (Plus I have a hunch some of these kids aren't yet 13 and have lied about their age...)

Gosh, just another downer related to aging. I've spent my entire life relating to young people and interacting with them. But now I need to be really careful about what I do so people won't get the wrong idea...

And there's always the possibility that the 'kid' you're interacting with isn't a kid at all -- that he or she is an adult pretending to be a kid. Freaky thought, isn't it?

Here's the thing: I wouldn't even ask about age normally, because I don't focus on it. You are who you are and I don't really care about how OLD you are (or how young you are). My age does NOT begin to define me. Well, perhaps that's not true. I think getting 'up there' in years means you have a wealth of life experiences and wisdom that you cannot gain any other way. Or as they say: These wrinkles were hard earned. Hahaha. I'd include 'gray hair,' but you all know I'm never planning to have gray hair, so I can't go there. (grin)

I think an interesting SciFi story would deal with separating people based on age. Oh, it's been done before, I know. I was involved in the Logan's Run fandom back in the day -- and was in my 20's at the time. (According to the novel, a person's age would be revealed by a crystal embedded in the palm of their right hand that changed color -- yellow (age 0-6), blue (age 7-13), red (age 14-20) and then blinking red and black on Lastday. Finally it turns black at age 21.) At least in the movie the final age was 30 (probably due to the ages of the leads!!!). I remember my friend Logan (I don't recall his REAL name at this moment) suggesting we have a cutoff age for the members of the club we all were part of -- and me telling him he'd just cut me out. Hahaha. Funny? The funny thing is that he thought being over 21 was OLD. Admittedly, I was only a couple of years from 30 at the time, so I was almost over the hill. (Yikes. What does that make me now??? Hahaha.)

Young people frequently find 20 and 30 OLD. Little wonder in a world that puts so much focus on youth and has such disregard for 'seniors' (I really hate that moniker, but is there a good one out there?). I don't remember a time I didn't respect and like older people, by the way. I've always like people of ALL ages. That might be the important thing here...

Sorry, I got off on a tangent again. Really, it's NOT a sign of old age (smile). I've been having tangents forever...

And that's it for today!

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