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NaNo Update for Tuesday

I was getting nervous, having put off writing until late today! I had a goal of 3,000 words for today...

I just finished writing for today, and I wrote 3,098 words, for a total of:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
34,974 / 50,000

So now Marilyn and I are going to take a break for today. (It's just after 11:00 p.m. here.)

We went to Marilyn's manicure this morning (where I didn't work on the book at all -- but jotted notes for another book I want to write). Then ran some errands we needed to do. We'd had to get up early for that, and after running around we came home and ate -- then had a (for me, quite long) nap.

Talked to both June (about the kitten and Jim) and Sue (discovered Candy failed the test to get the job, and talked her upcoming surgery). Now for some relaxation...

My goal for tomorrow is 2,000 words. I need just slightly more than 15,000 words to finish. (15,026 to be exact. LOL.)

ETA: Yes. Marilyn is 2,467 words ahead of me. Just as my other 'writing buddy' is 4,649 words ahead of me. I'm the laggard in my little trio. (smile) But I'll work hard the rest of this week!!!

More tomorrow...

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