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Another Lovely Day...

I've started this entry now twice. LOL. But keep getting interrupted...

This last interruption was my sister Sue phoning. I'm not sure why, as she suddenly cut me off in mid-sentence. (!!!)

I'd slept in, as my allergies are giving me fits today. My friend Shari woke me. She apologized, but didn't suggest I go back to sleep. (smile) Instead she launched in to every conversation she's wanted to have since the last time she spoke with me. (sigh)

Yes. I need to talk about her one day. But not today!

It's getting cloudy out, but this morning the sun is still shining. We're supposed to have rain, soon, though... (ugh)

The back yard looks lovely! Still full of flowers. The grass is coming back green as if it were spring. I think even mother nature is confused by the warm weather we've been having! There are buds on several plants!

I need to go check my email and read a bit... More later...

An aside...

...have I mentioned how hard it is for me to decide about signing entries? I never usually sign my personal journal entries, for example. I mean, to me it's clear they're mine. (smile) Though I know that many people who write in diaries write 'Dear Diary' and then sign each entry. But -- on the other hand -- I always sign my emails! (Not everyone does that...)

Anyway, Kevin kevinr expects his moderators to always sign all their comments and their entries at psp7_beginners, where I'm now an assistant mod. (grin) So...

Basically, I guess that is now making me struggle with 'to sign, or not to sign' with every entry/comment! (smile)

Silly, I suppose. But I was just pondering it, and thought I'd share...

Tags: 2003, shari, signing-comments

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