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Busy Day at the Office...

I had a busy day at the office -- the frustration was that I didn't necessarily get the things done that I'd planned to do. (sigh)

I spent ages on a phone-system-related issue that I simply could NOT resolve. The Shoretel phones are really a pain to work with, and they have been since day one. It's interesting that we all used to think our OLD phone system was such a pain to work on, mostly because it required a basic knowledge of DOS. Really??? The new system is ridiculous to try and resolve even the smallest issue! Oh well...

I was really glad I was there for our Communications Team meeting -- I really needed to participate. Looks like I'll be doing another eNewsletter next week.

And I got our Auction video up at YouTube -- and then embedded (resized) on the Home page of our website today. So that was cool.

Rich and I started out our day going to Starbucks. And my blood sugar was so low this morning that I not only had to eat my Activia yogurt, but I got something to eat at Starbucks.

Good to talk to Jeff, who was back from his vaca -- and looking tanned and rested (and wearing a very nice suit today).

Stephanie moved Christie's computer to her new office for me today, by the way. And I changed out the phones via the back end (no, we do not physically 'move' the two phones). So Christie is now good to go!

Marilyn and I left work early, as she had a RHSAA meeting tonight, over at the high school. I went along and spent part of my time at McDonald's (free WiFi!) and part of the time in the car reading my Kindle.

It's so fascinating how DARK it gets (!!!) now so early in the day! It really makes me think of what it would be like in the world of "The Walking Dead" during the winter months, with no street lamps or house lights. Wow...

I gathered a whole slew of Textures -- and emailed a pile of them to myself for use by Marilyn and me for image Edits for Instagram. Actually, I still have a pile more to send! I totally forgot that I'd wanted to send more of them to myself while at work today. Oh well, there was no time to do it, anyway!

I did get the garbage and recycling done before dark (and before we headed for the meeting) -- thanks to being home early enough! And there were leaves down all over the place, so I went out and raked the sidewalk, too. I phoned Hector, because I'd expected him to come this week. Right now he needs to come every week, so that we can stay on top of the damn leaves...

I'd planned to go to work again tomorrow, but now I don't know. I get more done staying home in some cases, with the IT projects that always 'pop up' when I'm in the office! I guess we'll see how I feel about it in the morning.

I still need to order oil. Not sure what I'm not getting that taken care of...

Anyway, I think we'll be heading to bed soon. I need to take out a bit more garbage first, though!

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