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Family and Friends -- I Feel Very Blessed Today!

Marilyn left me home from work today -- very sweet of her. She's been anxious for me to get plenty of rest after the tests last Thursday. I don't need to say how wonderful she's been in the past months, because she always is great to me. But sometimes she's even more thoughtful than usual -- and I know how lucky I am...

Speaking of sweet sisters, Sue and I went to breakfast at Elmer's this morning and had a lovely visit. I took along her tablet and she played with it a little while I messed with my own. Fun! And we had our favorite waitress who always takes such great care of us.

And Sue took me for Starbucks, too -- wasn't that nice of her??? Awww!!!

After that Sue took me to pick up my prescriptions. Were they ready? Oh, hell no! Two were done, but others were not, so I had to wait around while they did them (and Sue waited for me in the car). Plus my Nurse Practitioner CHANGED one of my prescription -- the dose -- without bothering to TELL ME. I found out today. She cut it from two pills a day to 1/2 a pill daily. It's pain medication -- and an anti-inflammatory drug -- and I really (REALLY) need it for my arthritis (!!!). In fact, I was in a lot of pain today (hip and hands), probably because of the cold. So this was hardly the news I wanted to hear from my pharmacist -- because she didn't bother telling me (for whatever reason). (sigh)

We'll be DISCUSSING that decision, you'd better believe me!!!

This afternoon I had a long talk on the phone with my good friend June (who lives next door). Then I went over and had a nice visit with her and her husband, Jim. We just talked and talked! It was really lovely! And we shared, and laughed and laughed. Just what we both needed, I think...

When Marilyn got home, we watched "Jeopardy" -- then headed to the new Walmart to check it out and shop. We weren't thrilled by the store, to be honest. It was missing some things we would have liked to be able to get there. Plus there was a lot of security (!!!) running around -- something we normally don't see at other Walmarts where we shop (???). But in a pinch it will be nice having it so close by...

We were both BEAT when we finally got home (especially Marilyn!). I fixed a late dinner and we ate (we were both starved!). Then we just sat for a time.

Marilyn washed her hair and now we're going to have a cup of coffee and some ice cream before bed. Marilyn has an early meeting in the morning...

I did take out some garbage today (tomorrow is garbage night), but didn't get dishes done or anything else to speak of...

Oh! I did call to find out when I'll have results from my tests. I was told it takes a week (or more), so the earliest would probably be this coming Friday. (I'm anxious to hear...)

Great news! My "The Walking Dead" account at Instagram went over 200 today! (202 Followers, to be exact.) I'm so excited! And I gathered up some new Textures to use on our iPads. Now I just have to get them from my computer to the tablets -- which is far from a simple thing. (When I think how I could just stick them on a jump to go from computer to computer or computer to laptop, I can't help wondering what the hell Apple was thinking when they ignored the USB option... ???)

Well, it's late, so I'm off for now!

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