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This and That...

Just a 'this and that' day, I guess...

I did do some things for work. But I'm still having a difficult time keeping motivated. Yes, I need to sit at the computer and get some things done. But that's really HARD right now.

I am feeling better. Still very tired (fatigued). But better than I was. I'd really like to know if the iron is HELPING me or not...

I wonder when I'll get the results of the biopsies that Dr. D. took last Friday? I wonder if he'll want to SEE me again to discuss the tests?

I need to go to bed, really.

Last night Henry was just wide awake most of the night -- and kept waking both Marilyn and me!!! He was prowling around the house and jumping on us and knocking things down and being a real pest. I'm sure it's connected to his medication (remembering how CRAZY the steroids made me feel!!!). Marilyn gave him a day off today. I can't imagine needing to take that stuff day in and out and in and out. Poor cat.

Poor us! We really NEED our SLEEP!!!

I hope he can settle down tonight. At least he was up and played a little today...

There's really nothing much to report. On the bad news side, Kris didn't end up finding what Ashley had hoped he would. I'm disappointed. I'd really hoped he'd been lucky on Saturday and found what she wanted. (sigh)

On the good news side, the new paid hosting for the festival website is really, really REASONABLE! Surprisingly so. I'd like to believe I influenced that, but who knows?

And I did speak to Ginny from the Franklin High School Alumni group. They love the Roosevelt (RHSAA) website I did -- so I may end up doing one for them, too. I guess we'll see what happens...

Nite all!

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