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Back Home from Shopping Foray...

We went to Starbucks this morning, prior to the tennis. (Sister Sue wasn't available to join us, but we did ask -- it's always nice to see her.) It was such a pretty day -- but blustery and COLD (brr).

Then we went back out around 3:30-4:00-ish, to go to the Apple store and get Marilyn's new iPad Air. The guy who waited on us SUCKED (talk about a bad sales/support person!!!). But we were able to order it. The won't have it until close to the END OF THE MONTH, however (as she wanted the 128 gig version -- I wouldn't let her settle for less just so she could buy it now). She's going to be VERY GLAD she has all the memory, believe me!

Meanwhile she'll have to take more stuff OFF of her iPad to hold out until then, as she's totally maxed out. She had her iPad telling her today that she had NO ROOM on it at all (!!!).

Now we were set to be in HORRIBLE traffic coming home. Rush hour has gotten pretty bad here, I have to tell you. So we decided to go out to eat and try to avoid the worst of it...

So we went to Red Robin for dinner -- it was wonderful! We each had burgers and a Bud light, with onion rings. And we got the deep fried zucchini and jalapenos for an appetizer -- they were delish! (smile) So fun to eat there. We always have good food and the service is WONDERFUL.

Then we stopped briefly at Ulta so I could get my conditioner for my hair (I was OUT). I also stubbed my big toe (left) yet again (!!!) today. And spoiled my pedicure (as I do every single time). I've been stubbing my toes since childhood. Yeah, it's probably something left-handed, how klutzy I am. (sigh) So I got gold fingernail polish so I can 'fix' it...

Finally, we saw a billboard advertising the OPENING of a new Walmart on MLK and Hayden Meadows Drive while driving home (!!!). A total surprise to us! So we went hunting for it (hard in the pitch black, I admit) and found it. It's supposed to open on November 13. Exciting news! It will be nice to have a Walmart right here in the neighborhood...

That's our day. We got a little bit done and I also rested more. We should be ready to face the work week!

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