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Today? All About Instagram...

Sundays are "The Walking Dead" and "Revenge" days around our house -- which also means that Sundays are all about our Instagram accounts for both series. As I've mentioned before, Marilyn and I share these accounts, but she works mainly on the "Revenge" account, and I work mainly on "The Walking Dead" account. (And we also have an account we share for "Dallas" -- but we really haven't done anything much with that, yet...)

Marilyn's Revenge Instagram now has 553 Followers as of tonight (!!!) -- and she's posted 348 images. Wow!!! Plus she's getting averages of 50 Likes per image -- and has many images that are more than 80 Likes. (This account was started on September 1.)

My TWD Instagram now has 185 Followers as of tonight -- and I've posted 106 images. I'm averaging probably around 20 Likes per image (maybe less). I'm lucky if I get more than 30 Likes, and my most popular image has 39. But I think I'll do better as I get more Followers (duh). (This account was started on October 12.)

This past week I didn't focus much on my TWD account -- I just had other fish to fry (so to speak). But yesterday and today I got back to it, and it paid off with more Followers! My goal had been to get 175 by the show tonight, so I happily exceeded that! And Marilyn has made some amazing Edits (as these images are referred to) -- really using her artistic skills and new software Apps to create art.

I used to make 'blends' here at LiveJournal years back, but these Edits are a whole different level -- and really give us both an artistic outlet!

I've been thinking maybe we'll create LiveJournal accounts for these Instagram accounts -- where we could share our stuff here at LJ. It wouldn't be as automatic, but we should be able to find a way to do that, even so. I like the idea -- now I just have to get around to making it happen. Hahahaha. Marilyn just mentioned that she's also been thinking we should have Facebook accounts for them. Great minds think alike, I guess! (grin)

It would be fun to share the work for Livejournal friends to see (who don't have Instagram accounts). Anyway, it's in my head... (smile)

We enjoyed both shows -- but I won't SPOIL (which I already did at Instagram). The shows give us a lot to work on artistically for our Instagram accounts -- that's for sure!

I'm feeling pretty good. Not 100% yet, but much, much better. We had considered both Starbucks and Red Robin today, but rejected both ideas. And tossed around seeing a movie and also rejected that idea. Tomorrow we'd like to go get Marilyn's new iPad -- she's FINALLY breaking down and buying one with a decent amount of memory (!!!). She uses it both for work and for pleasure, so I think it's an extremely reasonable expense for her. Her current iPad is just TOO DAMN FULL -- and she struggles all the time with taking things off and deleting photos. It's ridiculous! I wish the festival had given us the option to upgrade the memory on our own iPads when they bought them. I'm very, very grateful they gave us these gifts, but naturally they got small versions -- and once bought, they can't be upgraded (typical Apple BS). Marilyn and I would have both PAID for more memory had it been offered.

This brings to mind the fact that Marilyn doesn't have decent memory on her iPhone, either (!!!). I FORCED Rosanna to make sure I had a lot of memory on mine when it was bought (knowing how I am about photos, especially!).

On a total different SUBJECT -- here's an update on IT at work! Kris was at the meeting on Friday (a surprise -- Marilyn and I were really sure he wouldn't make it). And it went EXTREMELY well, by the way! Plus he came in on Saturday and did some work -- and even phoned me here at home for my help and to let me know how it had gone.

We're making headway on some projects that have been sitting out there waiting for months, so this is great news! I can't wait to see where we go next...

That's it for now. I'm dead beat...

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