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Great Day for SLEEPING...


...guess how I spent most of my day today? Hahahahahaha. Yes, I slept most of the day away. I won't even try to deny it! I feel a TON better today.

I was really sick last night. I was very bloated and swollen and my abdomen was HARD. I started out being not hungry at all when we got home. Then I was just eating whatever I could put my hands on, so I over ate and ate a bunch of junk and finally ended up making myself sick to my stomach and finally by throwing up. (sigh)

Boy, was I GLAD I had the ginger ale in the house! Marilyn pretty much forced me to drink it, and I felt just wonderful after that. Everybody should keep ginger ale in the house for nausea. Seriously! You know, Mom always had it around when we were younger. But I didn't realize just how amazing it could be! I saw it recommended in one of the many (many) hints I read before my tests, so I got a bottle -- which is why we had it at all. We don't normally, but I think we should from here on out...

The thing I haven't been doing well since the tests is getting in enough liquids! I really need to hydrate like crazy. I'm going to try and be better about that...

Anyway, there's nothing much to report today. We talked about going to Starbucks for coffee with sister Sue, but slept, instead. (grin) In fact, we never left the house all day long. I never even got out of my jammies...

We had also talked about going to a movie, but obviously that didn't happen, either.

Well, I suppose rest was the best thing, considering the past week. We'll see how tomorrow goes!

Happy Birthday to my friend, Frank! Gosh, I hope you had a great day!

Time for bed soon. I stayed up all night last night from being sick, but hope not to do that tonight...

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