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Medical Tests? Done! (woo hoo)

First, three cheers for Marilyn!!! She put up with my 'drama' here at home ('too prepared'), missed a night of sleep herself and then had to drive me there in HORRIBLE conditions and wait around (they were behind schedule and late) -- missing a day of work, to boot. Have I said lately how LUCKY I am to have her in my life? I sure am!!!

TMI warning: I couldn't ever seem to get totally 'clean' from my prep. Very frustrating after being up all night long (I literally did not sleep to speak of). After the procedure Dr. D. mentioned this and said it was little wonder considering my history (I have a 'slow bowel' -- and a very twisted one). Wish I'd know it would be okay in advance (!!!), as I worried that they might not be able to do the tests because of this... (sigh)

We were awake REALLY early, because I couldn't sleep anyway. So we left in plenty of time to get there on time, only to find STAND STILL TRAFFIC (!!!) on the St. Johns bridge! Marilyn got in the other lane and was ready to find some entirely different route (and have me call that we'd be late), but once we got toward the end of the bridge we discovered it was a stalled truck -- and we could get right back over and head on our way again. (whew)

The rain and wind this morning were TERRIBLE! And the place we were going was by Good Sam hospital -- in a part of town we just don't know all that well. Plus the rain had been awful for hours and there was actual FLOODING on the streets -- you could see small rivers just rolling down every single street toward us. What a mess to drive in! (Thanks again, Marilyn!!!)

Finally we found the right place and headed in -- only one minute late for the 8:45 appointment. The small waiting room was PACKED with people (!!!) and they didn't even speak to me to check me in for another half hour (!!!). Hurry up and wait indeed!

Once they did take me it was pretty quick, though. There was the usual stuff about getting a vein for the IV -- but these people are really good and didn't have the problems I experienced for my recent blood test. (Looking down at my left hand I can barely see a bruise even now -- and I had bruises for DAYS in four spots when my clinic lab did the last blood draw...)

Speaking of blood (grin), my blood sugar was actually GOOD this morning -- which hasn't been true since taking the Prednisone. That's an aside, but I had to mention it.

Once they had me in the 'operating room' (it was like that, anyway), I spoke briefly to Dr. D., then they put me on oxygen, stuck in a mouth guard and put me out. The next thing I knew we were back in the prep area and it was all over! Talk about good drugs. Dr. D. told Marilyn and me the results -- the upper was totally 'clean' (no issues there). The lower was more complicated. The 'slow bowel' meant I hadn't been totally cleared out, but they had been able to check things out -- and I had no polyps (which apparently aren't as common in women, anyway). There was discussion about my twisted and odd colon -- and a potential need for an additional test (or tests) of another kind down the road. He wants me to have another colonoscopy in five years.

I got cleaned up (and needed it!), then got to leave.

It was nice driving home (figures!). We went straight to the Mexican food restaurant and got takeout to bring home and eat. After we both had a bite, Marilyn stretched out on the sofa (her fave spot) and I headed to bed. I don't know what happened with her, but I was out immediately and slept for HOURS.

I woke up around five-ish and dashed to take out the recycling and composting. It was dark, but not pitch black yet (thankfully!!!), barely raining and COLD! I was glad to get that done.

I still need to gather and put garbage out in the can in the garage (which doesn't 'go' until next week). And the cat boxes really (REALLY) need cleaning. But if that doesn't happen until tomorrow, it's fine, as none of that stuff will go in the morning, anyway...

Tomorrow Marilyn and I are supposed to have a meeting tomorrow morning with Kris -- who has NOT confirmed (I just went through ALL my damn email to check this). I'm hopeful he'll show up, but have no clue if he will or not. More about this later...

Our BOARD is really pushing us about some IT matters -- including the phone system. So we need to push forward. Marilyn is ultimately responsible (as COO -- Chief Operating Officer -- of the festival, and my Boss). But obviously I'm the IT Manager, so this has been my concern for ages. Well, we'll see how it goes in the morning, I guess!

I'm off to get some more rest and to drink a soda. I stuck pretty much to WATER yesterday (never even had a single cup of coffee!), by the way. I need to share my 'hints' for having a colonoscopy at some point -- I now have a lot of helpful info!

And, finally, many (MANY) THANKS to all of you for the kind words, kind thoughts, suggestions and prayers -- they all mean so very much to me!!! I love you guys!

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