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TMI: Preparation for the Tests Tomorrow...

WARNING: This may end up gross. Ignore if you wish, please.

(Don't know if I've said it, but Marilyn has been wonderful during all my recent issues -- as always. She's just a huge support in every possible way.)

Well, It's nearing 5:00 p.m. -- I started taking the laxative at 2:00 p.m. I haven't started to poop, yet. Thank GOD for the internet where people are telling one another that this can take several hours to work. Generally speaking it seems that 'three hours' pops up a lot ("...within three hours..."), but considering 5:00 will BE three hours for me -- and there's no sign of anything -- I'm glad to hear it can take longer.

If anything, I exceeded the first dose a bit, just to make sure. (You take half the jug at a time.) It's not all that EASY to tell what's half of the jug. They have a 'fill' line, but no halfway line. How hard would it be to add that for people unsure of how much is half (like me)???

Of course, there are not WORDS for how horrible this stuff tastes. It's so far beyond awful that I can't even begin to describe it. I'm generally pretty good at forcing stuff down 'for my own good,' but this stuff even gives me pause. Yeah, I got the first dose down, but I now understand why most of the people I know never manage to FINISH the entire jug (no matter how many times they tell you that you MUST finish all the contents).

I find it really hard to believe that they can't come up with something that isn't this nasty to drink. Seriously??? I've been reading how some doctors now use over-the-counter laxatives instead and I can certainly see why...

Right now I'm burping the crap, so the taste is strong in my mouth (and nose, for that matter). I've been nauseous since I got up this morning, and this stuff really doesn't help with that. They say some people have nausea and actually throw up taking this stuff -- again, that's not hard to imagine!

On the humorous side (and I like to stick to humor as much as possible!), I've nearly WET MYSELF several times since starting the laxative! I've been mixing it with Gatorade. Somewhere (???) I read that the bottle contains a liter when full (not sure where -- they certainly don't bother to make that CLEAR for you!). And I'm at least doubling that with my 'mixer' liquid. Plus I've been drinking water like crazy, so...

Had to run and pee! At least I didn't come as close to an accident this time. (grin) Sorry to be gross, but my pee looks as clear as water. I'm not kidding. I guess I'm doing okay with hydration, anyway!

On the good side? I did accidentally get a Gatorade flavor that really helps a lot with the nasty taste. On the bad side, I only got one bottle of it -- and it's long gone. It takes a little over two bottles per dose (half a jug). That actually makes sense, as there are four quarts in a liter and each bottle contains a quart. (It takes slightly more than half and half to drink it, I guess -- and it's worth a bit over not to gag with each glassful...)

In other news, sister Sue kindly took me for Starbucks and to shop today. I got stuff I might never use (it figures), but the Starbucks really helped me with the first several glasses of crap. I got two different Gatorade flavors and the first one didn't quite do it -- so after a long pull on the straw I would immediately suck down a big gulp of my tea from Starbucks.

Yeah, yeah. They 'allow' tea and coffee, but don't recommend either one. Tough. I'm doing the best I can here! (grin)

If I can get past he nausea, I might try some bouillon. I could smell chicken at Freddies today, so the idea of chicken bouillon is actually appealing. And I've always been a fan of beef bouillon, so... Plus I have both lime and orange jello to pick from, so I'm good to go. Hahahaha.

I might actually try lying down (which is supposedly fine, from what I've read). Maybe I'll take my Kindle and read for a bit...

My tests are first thing tomorrow morning (did I say that before?). Keep your fingers crossed for me! Thanks!

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