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Quiet Day...

Marilyn and I did go out to the pharmacy in the morning and to get Starbucks. Then we took a short drive around Sauvie Island -- which is lovely even in the rain and on a misty/foggy day... We really enjoyed the ride.

We came home and I spent a bunch of time reading and sleeping. I don't seem to be able to get ENOUGH sleep, no matter what. But what the heck, there was nothing keeping me from sleeping today, so I guess that's fine...

Marilyn's "Revenge" account (started on September 1 -- nine weeks and two days ago) at Instagram is doing AMAZINGLY well! She has 490 (!!!) Followers now and has posted 307 images! Wow! For the record, we 'share' this account -- but she does almost ALL the work!

She's having a wonderful time creating Edits and sharing them. She's really learned how to use several photo manipulation Apps (including Leonardo, Snapseed and PhotoShop Touch for iPad), by the way. I wish I understood those as well as she does!

Our "The Walking Dead" account (started on October 12 -- three weeks and two days ago) at Instagram isn't doing too bad, either, really. We have 151 Followers and have posted 82 images. Again, we 'share' this account, too, but I mainly work on it. Thank God that Marilyn does some clever stuff for me now and then, though! Hahahaha.

Of course, we each have a personal account at Instagram. I have 319 Followers and have posted 276 images, and Marilyn has 197 Followers and has posted 201 images.

I really can't tell you HOW MUCH FUN Instagram is, if you don't have an account. It's really the easiest Social Media you can use, I think -- far easier than Facebook and Twitter. And... YES... easier to use than LiveJournal, too. If you like images/photos, then you can't help loving Instagram. And there's a lot of friendly interaction there, too.

I was originally planning to go to the office (to work) tomorrow, but that's not happening. I want to stay home and color my hair and do some laundry and maybe even start the garbage and recycling for this week. Yes, Tuesday is EARLY for that, but I need to prepare for my colonoscopy on Wednesday -- which basically means I'll spend part of the day in the bathroom (as I'm sure you all know -- sorry to be so TMI). So it can't hurt to have the garbage and recycling mostly out of the way before then...

I'm really enjoying my current book -- "The Group" (by Mary McCarthy). I've read about 75% now, so I'll probably be done soon. Knowing I'd want something to READ on Wednesday (!!!), I downloaded "Legacy: Arthurian Saga (Four book bundle of Crystal Cave, The Hollow Hills, The Last Enchantment and The Wicked Day)" (by Mary Stewart). I was really EXCITED to see this collection, by the way! I swear I'd checked for all those books before, as they're four favorites of mine -- and that they weren't available for Kindle (!!!). Anyway, at $6.99 for the collection (!!!), I really couldn't resist! Imagine getting FOUR books for that price! (In paperback NEW you'd have to pay more than $80 at Amazon for those books.) I've ready many (MANY) books on the Arthurian legends in my life, but these are among my favorite, without a doubt...

Marilyn took me for Mexican food for dinner -- wasn't that nice of her? She's now showering and washing her hair...

I guess Friday will be my day in the office. Kris in coming in for a meeting. We were supposed to MOVE Christie to her new office tomorrow, but somehow I don't think that's going to happen at all this week... I guess we'll see!

Well, I guess that's it for today. Hopefully I'll get a few things DONE tomorrow (!!!), one can hope!

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