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Back Home to Portland...

Quick update -- I'm tired and I really (really!) want to go read my book (which is what Marilyn just got saying to me, by the way!).

We got up at a reasonable hour this morning (for a change!), knowing that Kelly and her husband Chad were coming by the beach house. After they had the tour, we headed over to Cannon Beach. The Lumberyard wasn't open yet, so we went to another place (somewhere we'd never been before) and had breakfast.

Marilyn and I had never met Chad before, which is hard to believe! He and Kelly have been married for ages now. Kelly is VERY PREGNANT with their first child, due on New Year's Eve (they're hoping the little GIRL will come before then).

The visit was lovely!

After they headed off for home and we went back to the house to pack up for our own trip back to Portland. We wanted to get a decent start to beat the rain that was expected in the afternoon.

By the way, the cats (Colin and Henry) were GREAT both going there and coming back! Such good boys. And they seemed to have a good time at the house, too.

We got home with an hour to spare before "The Walking Dead" (at 6:00 p.m.) -- so that gave us time to unpack and put away all the FOOD that we hauled home. And to change into comfy clothes.

Watched TWD and "The Talking Dead" after it -- then watched "Revenge." There was a lot going on tonight on both shows!!! And we actually enjoyed "The Talking Dead" a lot tonight. (Sometimes I really hate that show -- or just don't get into it at all...)

After that we headed down to the office. Marilyn needed to get a few things done and it gave me a chance to go through my email and to post the current featured sponsor on the Home page of the website. Now we're finally home, with minutes to spare before midnight! What a busy, busy day!

Any day where I don't get a nap seems busy to me at the current time. (grin) My current fatigue just makes me so tired all the damned time.

I really CAN'T WAIT to have my colonoscopy done on Thursday!!! Maybe we'll finally get an idea of what's wrong with me... (sigh)

Well, that's it for today. Marilyn and I still need to fix all the damn clocks in the house after 'falling back' -- and I wish they were as easy as all our devices! The only things running on the right time are our phones and iPads (and maybe my Kindle -- I haven't checked that!).

So GLAD tomorrow isn't a work day!

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