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Kerry Washington on SNL and a Lazy Saturday

Yes, it's been STORMING on and off all day long! Nasty weather.

Marilyn and I went into Seaside to have lunch. We'd planned to go to the Pig 'N Pancake, but it was closed. So we went to The Crabby Oyster for the first time ever. It's located where the Vista Sea Cafe used to be (which was a favorite of ours).

By the way, the place ended up PACKED -- probably because of the Pig 'N Pancake being closed. We got there at just the right time -- tons of people came in after us! (Some people were leaving because they weren't being served fast enough, but the wait really wasn't that long... And they called in extra help!) We liked it and will eat there again, I'm sure. The clam chowder was wonderful! And we each had a yummy burger...

We're watching SNL as I type this, with Kerry Washington who has been AMAZING so far!!! Wow, impressive! She doesn't appear to be reading, looks different for every skit and is just excellent. WOW.

We're having Kelly and her husband Chad over to the house tomorrow. Kelly is very pregnant with their first baby. She was Marilyn's seasonal assistant years ago (starting in 2003 -- and working for a couple years) and has been a friend ever since. She was in Las Vegas for Marilyn's big bday trip in 2005.

It's hard to believe that Marilyn and I have never met Chad before -- but we know his mother really well and see her often...

After lunch today we walked down to the Prom to see the ocean. My GOODNESS it was COLD!!! The wind was just cutting and blowing so hard! We both wished we'd had on warmer clothes and a heavier coat/jacket.

Then we did some window shopping on our way back to the car. We did stop at Safeway to pick up a few things before finally coming home.

I spent most of the day SLEEPING. I watched a little TV and read a little and played with my iPad. But mostly slept. It was wonderful. Right now I'm so tired all the time that sleep is just manna from heaven...

Anyway, that was my Saturday! Hope you had a good one...

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