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At the Beach (finally!)

June and Jim (so nice of them!) are watching the Portland house while we're away, as sister Sue is at her cribbage tournament this weekend -- she was very excited to go. She's going to be playing doubles with her granddaughter Madyson at this tournament.

Nicole was going along, too, with Madyson's family (I think they were taking a house so there was plenty of room for her). So I guess Candy and Buddy have the house to themselves this weekend...

I still owe Candy curry noodles for her recent birthday. Maybe I'll cook them this coming week.

This is FUNNY! First, the computer was OFF when I came over to blog. Power outages at the beach are very common, and naturally the computer wouldn't restart after one. So no worries... But suddenly I'm getting a bunch of options to update things like the antivirus and Adobe Reader and the HP software for the printer! Anyway, I hope none of them suddenly crashes the computer while I'm trying to finish blogging!!! Hahahaha.

The drive here was hard on Marilyn - she got really tired. And my leg isn't crazy about long rides, yet, either. But I did okay.

The fatigue is still the most annoying thing. I can't wait to have the colonoscopy next Thursday. I'm hoping we'll find out what's causing the anemia (low iron). I figure there has to be some bleeding somewhere. Anyway, it's going to be good to get this test out of the way...

The cats seem to be enjoying their visit to the beach house, so far. They were VERY, VERY GOOD on the ride here!

Watched the new "Dracula" tonight -- this was the second episode. So far we're really enjoying it. Of course, we've been Dracula fans our entire lives. And we've both read the original novel (which I doubt most people can say).

I've been reading more about severe anemia, by the way. Scary stuff! I can't believe how many things can pop up. I've got most of the common stuff and quite a few of the less common things, too (like a sore tongue -- I've been complaining about that for ages now). I keep taking my iron each morning, even though it's a pain, I have to say...

Marilyn and I are both convinced I do NOT have Chondrocalcinosis -- Calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate (CPPD) crystal deposition disease (also called pseudogout and pyrophosphate arthropathy). The more we read about it, the less sense it makes. I guess I'll need to get in and see my nurse practitioner again soon.

By the way, it's pouring down rain here tonight -- and we're expecting a HUGE STORM tomorrow (!!!). Heavy winds and high water, too. (yikes)

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