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Happy Halloween!

Marilyn and I had a very lazy Halloween day...

We did meet sister Sue for Starbucks, where all three of us played with our tablets. Fun, fun! I had a free drink, so actually got a venti, which I normally never do...

For those who celebrate:

Happy Halloween!!!

After leaving Starbucks, Marilyn and I went shopping to get candy for tonight, plus hot dogs and buns (our traditional Halloween meal). We skipped the cake donuts (Dad would be shocked!), and didn't really miss them, either...

I got out some of the decorations that were still here at home -- most of them are at the beach house now. We still had all our fridge magnets, as we don't put magnets on the stainless fridge we have in the beach house (!!!). We have a lot of cool magnets, I have to tell you! And I stuck a couple of things on the front door and in the kitchen window -- just so you could tell we were 'into' Halloween and giving out candy. (smile)

We also had a few decos in the livingroom, including our Starbuck Barista Bear collection -- I guess they don't do Halloween bears anymore, but we have several of them from when they did. And we had our big spider and web that Mom gave us many years back -- I swear we've had it as long as we've lived in this house. Plus two drawings Marilyn did in grade school (Mom never got rid of anything 'special' like that!). And a few other odds and ends...

We had sister Sue come over again this year (woo hoo) and got our first kids around 6:00. And we got a total of 47 this year. (Last year we only had 29.) We turned out the lights at 9:00 (as we usually do), but didn't get any more kids after 8:30...

Dinner was yummy (loved both the chili and the hot dogs!) -- and because we didn't buy piles and piles of candy, none of us ate that much. Oh! We had mini-cupcakes that were pumpkin spice and very tasty. Just a couple of bites, which was perfect.

I did make up some candy bags for Sue to take home for Candy, Nicole, Buddy, her and Madyson. And I took two bags over to June and Jim, too. (I visited briefly with June and Jim, finally taking back the flashlight they so kindly loaned to us when we had our power outage. And making sure they were all set to watch the house while we're gone this weekend.)

Henry was such a good boy that we didn't need to lock him up this year! That's a total first for any cat we've ever had. He was sleeping in a tent in the livingroom almost all evening/night long, believe it or not. And we just left the door downstairs open. Colin finally came up late to 'check things out' before heading back down.

Well, that's pretty much our day. Time to relax before heading to bed!
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