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Stayed Home -- We'll Leave Friday...

Marilyn and I decided to hang around here and leave for the beach house on Friday. We need to do a few things and we just want to basically take it EASY. We're enjoying this vacation which we both really, really needed. And we don't want to push ourselves to do ANYTHING, to tell you the truth...

Marilyn did have to go to a meeting this morning, that lasted several hours.

While she was gone I worked on the garbage and recycling, not knowing at that point that we weren't going to take off for the beach as soon as she got home. This is 'real' garbage week (the actual garbage can goes out, in other words), so there's no way I can miss it! Anyway, now I won't need to ask Jim to put the various roller carts (cans) down on the boulevard -- I can do it myself.

Spoke briefly with Rich today -- mostly about work...

I spent another day mostly reading and snoozing. And watching some TV, too. We've had Rocky Horror
("The Rocky Horror Picture Show") on tonight -- always fun to watch and sing along with (grin). Hard to believe it's been around since 1975 (!!!). (You can visit the official site HERE.)

Our copy of "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken" must be at the beach house -- I can't find it anywhere. So we'll have to watch it after Halloween this year. (smile)

We had spaghetti with mizithra cheese for dinner. Seriously, it's easy. Just cook your pasta, brown some butter and add the grated mizithra cheese on top and you've got HEAVEN in your dish. (grin)

Work-related news? I did a News item for the festival website about Court applications. And chatted briefly with Steven earlier today about a RJ-45 crimping tool (it's used to make ethernet cables). The festival doesn't own one, but I suspect Mark might have one. Steven needs it for at home... I guess that wasn't really work-related.

I also was texting with Kris and tried to set up a meeting for next week. He suggested either Thursday or Friday -- but my colonoscopy is next Thursday, so hopefully Friday will work out...

I still want to get over to see my neighbor and friend June. She was at church tonight when I phoned, getting ready for the church bazaar, which is next weekend. I'm sure she was tired when she finally got home! Anyway, I'd like to catch her up on all my health stuff, as we haven't talked in ages...

Sister Sue heads for her cribbage tournament on Friday. I hope she has a great time! There's been more issues with Candy's car (!!!), so things aren't as happy as they might be at Sue's house. Such a shame...

And I think that's it for today.

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