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Beautiful Autumn Day!

Slept in, which was nice. Unfortunately Henry was awake all night (or so it seemed) and kept waking both Marilyn and me up (!!!). Hard to sleep when the cat won't settle down, I'm telling you...

Of course, right now I understand better than I would most of the time, considering that I recently took Prednisone (which is still in my system). Poor Henry is on steroids every single day -- and there are both short term and long term side effects. But steroids do make you jittery, I guess. That's not necessarily the best description, but hopefully you follow me. Actually, I'm probably dealing less with being jittery and sleepless than poor Henry, because I've got the opposite effect going on from my low iron (anemia), which has me so TIRED all the time.

Right now I'm sleeping hours of the day away EVERY SINGLE DAY. No kidding. I'll lie down with a book (on my Kindle) and read until I drift off. Then I just sleep and sleep. I haven't slept like this in around a decade. I used to be a person who needed eight hours of sleep a night, but that hasn't been true for ages. Anyway, right now I'm getting a ton of sleep. And hopefully after several weeks of taking heavy-duty iron each morning I'll finally get my energy back (fingers crossed).

By the way, my colonoscopy is scheduled for November 7. You start preparing for it five days in advance, and do things each day as you get closer to the procedure. The good thing about getting this done will be finding out if I do have some internal bleeding issue or not -- which would explain being so severely anemic.

All of this aside (!!!), Marilyn and I are getting ready to head to the beach house for Halloween. We're not sure how many days we'll stay down there, but it will be fun to be there again. It's been months (!!!) since we were there! Except for the one night where we hosted the festival's team for Hood to Coast, we haven't stayed there since the first part of July. It's hard to believe.

Marilyn has a meeting tomorrow, so I'll get our garbage and recycling ready to put out while she's attending that. After she gets home we'll pack up and head out.

Today we did take a ride and get Starbucks. And we went down to Kruger's Farm on Sauvie Island to try and buy some more candied jalapenos. Marilyn's really hung up on them! But they were totally SOLD OUT -- what a surprise! They had quite a few jars the last time we were there, but none today...

We took a long nap late afternoon/early evening. We wanted to go to a second-run movie tonight, so we thought we'd rest before that. We tried to go to the Kennedy School (McMenamins) to see "We're the Millers" -- but it wasn't playing tonight. (Not sure if it was something Halloween-related, or what.) So we went over to the The Portlander instead. At the Kennedy School you can have beer inside the movie, but not at the Portlander. But we did each get a beer BEFORE going to the movie, anyway, and drank a lot of it before going in. (smile)

The movie was pretty much what we'd expected -- and we laughed pretty hard. There's a LOT of 'bad language' (no surprise) -- and they could probably have cut that back at least a little. But over all it was less gross than expected -- and actually rather sweet. It had a nice ending... If you're looking for a comedy for adults, this one might be for you.

Now we're home and I'm yawning, yet again.

Oh! I haven't mentioned the recent 'news' about my stolen bike. I've received a couple of phone calls about it -- but I'm not really sure what to make of them. I had offered a reward, so maybe that's the main reason I'm hearing from some people. The first call claimed to have seen an ad at Craig's List for a bike like mine. She didn't leave her name and the phone number she left was wrong (???). Then another woman called and left a name and number. She supposedly bought a bike that might be mine at a Goodwill in Battle Ground, Washington. Really? It had no baskets, no seat (!!!) and was stripped down and missing other elements. She said she didn't expect $100 for it, that she'd paid $55.

I told her to email me a photo. We'll see if she does that or not.

Frankly, I had ADDED a lot of things to that bike over the years. The baskets were IMPORTANT to me, as was the over-sized, padded seat. Losing both of those? Well, it doesn't make the bike really valuable to me... I also had heavy-duty wheels (I broke spokes on the stand wheels) and a bumper on the back for when I rode in bad weather (to avoid the splash up on my clothes). I'd also added a kickstand and special handle bars and lights in front and back. You know, I may as well buy a new bike as get back my old one minus the things that made it special for me...

Later today after talking to the second woman I got a 'wrong number' that seemed somewhat suspicious to me. We always have neighbors who take care of the house when we're away, thankfully -- but I need to let them know about this, too. Like I said, not sure how many days we'll be away, but it's always good to know the house is being taken care of while we're gone.

We also had a follow up from the police after reporting this, so I think I'll contact them and update them on everything that's been going on. It couldn't hurt! The police in our neighborhood are pretty good about keeping an eye on things, frankly, which certainly makes us all feel safer...

We've been much more careful since the bike was stolen, actually. And we do have the alarm system, as well.

Anyway, I think it's probably time for bed. Good night everyone!

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