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Preparing for a Cold Night...

Tonight is supposed to be the COLDEST night since last March -- and possibly a record low for this date (brr)!!! I guess we're ready for it. Actually, I've been supposed to ORDER OIL for ages now (sigh), and haven't gotten that done. So we could be better prepared, had I done that task.

I cooked acorn squash and roast beef hash (we stuff the squash with the hash to eat) for dinner tonight. It was tasty and is an autumn treat that both Marilyn and I love. It was low fat ice cream sandwiches and coffee for dessert. Yummy!

We went to get both our pedicures and manicures today -- so glad to have that out of the way at long last! I wanted to do blue again -- this time I did a deeper blue with a sort of jewel effect. Very lovely. And my usual gold for my toes...

I did clean out the fridge a bit and dispose of a bunch of 'old' food. And I unloaded the dishwasher and loaded it again (hopefully I'll run it tonight). So that was some work that needed doing.

I spent a lot of today just reading and sleeping again -- very nice! I'm so fatigued that sleeping is about my favorite activity right now, as silly as I'm sure that sounds...

Marilyn and I did go to Starbucks after our nail appointment and sat there enjoying our drinks and playing with Instagram.

There's really little else to tell. We're enjoying our 'vacation' away from work (we've taken off the entire week). We're going to the beach house for Halloween, just like last year. I wonder what the weather is supposed to be like there for Halloween night? They're saying we'll have rain here in Portland, but hopefully only in the morning...

I'd love to avoid rain for Halloween at the beach, but I suppose the odds aren't that good...

Anyway, that's my Tuesday!

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