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Very Lazy Sunday...

I had a very lazy day, doing little or nothing. I spend much of the day napping and outright sleeping...

The pain is still there, but Marilyn has me taking ibuprofen for the swelling and pain. The fatigue is the thing that is still annoying me, but I'm sure it's going to improve as I continue the iron.

I did start reading a 'new' book last night that I was reading much of today. Some of you may be familiar with "The Group," by Mary McCarthy -- it was published in 1963 it immediately made the New York Times Best Seller list where it remained almost two years! I've actually read it before years ago (I don't recall exactly when), but I'd forgotten how fascinating it is. It's placed initially in the 1930's -- but it could never have been published at all if it had truly been written then! As it was it was quite controversial, even in the 1960's. The frank discussion of sex is really entertaining and interesting...

And she's a good writer -- you all know how picky I am about that. (smile)

Went out briefly to get Starbucks in the evening. Then got home in time to see "The Walking Dead" and "The Talking Dead" after. Marilyn ran me over to help Candy with her printer problem (Nicole needed to get a paper ready for school tomorrow). She wasn't feeling well, so she dropped me and headed back home. After I finally got the printer working, Candy brought me home.

I owe her a pot of curry noodles for her birthday, by the way! I just haven't been up to any real cooking lately...

Sue won a little money at cribbage, but Candy's car has yet another issue (!!!) -- this time it's her heater that's gone out. I think she needs to check with the people who fixed the transmission -- in case they accidentally bumped something or whatever! Sue was going to put her $$$ toward new tires for her own car, but the heater will have to come first, that's for sure.

Also saw "Revenge" tonight. So much happening on both TWD and Revenge that I can't even begin to discuss them. Anyway, our Instagram accounts for both shows are doing GREAT -- and we're having a lot of fun with them!

I guess that's it for today. We skipped manicures, so really need to go tomorrow for that (sigh)...

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