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Late Work Day at the Office

Today was a late work day at the office. Okay, certainly NOT as late as many of our days can be, but for this time of year, it was late. Marilyn and I left past 7:00 p.m. -- we stopped on the way home at Safeway right around 7:30...

I spent most of the day working on an old computer that used to belong to Marilyn. We had given it to Candy, but she didn't end up using it, so I asked them if I could use it for work, and they were fine with that. It has some issues, but I'm pretty desperate, so I've got to find a way to make it work for the office.

I'm down TWO computers -- one for the Sales Team (they're currently hiring for the position that will probably use this computer) and another intern machine... (sigh)

Marilyn's machine got hard use and was often used for playing games loaded from online. It just got slower and slower over the years (little wonder). Anyway, I had to uninstall a bunch of games and other software, then install the current version of MS Office Suite we're using at work (2007). For whatever reason (???), Word kept crashing and crashing (sigh). So I had to deal with that for ages. I finally got it working right before we left tonight, thankfully. We'll see what happens as it's used, though...

I also had to put on the Symantec Antivirus software we use and set up daily and weekly scans. There's still more software that needs to go on, but I did get a good start! In the 'very cool news' category (!!!), this machine can be Remoted to (!!!), so I'm on it right now running a Defrag. I'm hoping that might speed the machine up a bit. Interestingly enough, it can go online FAST as can be (!!!), so that's something.

Marilyn took me to lunch as promised -- and I got my Chinese food! (grin) Plus we got some food from the Safeway deli on the way home for dinner, so no cooking tonight.

I did buy some hamburger -- and I plan to make meatballs tomorrow! We haven't had them in ages (I can't even remember the last time I made them), so this sounds like a treat to both of us. (grin) As kids we had meatloaf and meatballs often -- and I use to make a mean meatloaf, if I do say so myself! It would be fun to make one of those again, too, I think... Not sure why I quit making them. Hmm... It used to be you could buy ready-to-cook meatballs, but now you can only get those frozen -- and usually they aren't hamburger, they're turkey. Neither Marilyn nor I digest turkey worth a damn, so we avoid it most of the time. (Sorry, turkey-meat-balls and turkey-bacon... NOT!) Actually, the meatball Queen in our house was always MARILYN -- I did meatloaf and she did meatballs (wonderful meatballs!).

Mom taught me the basics of good meatballs (always use Grapenuts for your filler!!!), but I was game to try lots of variations. And I think my meatloaves were just a tad better than she made. Vanity, vanity! Hahahahaha.

I'm so excited! I'm currently Remoting to that machine (now named PRFA22) and doing a defrag as I type this! It's to 36% done and just ripping along. (For those who don't know, defrags take time and go pretty slow... Hahahaha...)

Well, I'm rambling...

Debbie (Kyra's sister) sent me a lovely note at Facebook -- isn't that sweet of her??? I need to go over and thank her. (I haven't been to Facebook in days -- but Marilyn saw it and mentioned it to me, thankfully!)

I got my 100 Followers at my Instagram account today -- the one that focuses on The Walking Dead (as opposed to my personal account). In fact, I'm at 101 right now. How cool is that? I started it on October 12 -- which is two weeks ago today. So far I've got 66 posts there. Very exciting!

Marilyn's Revenge Instagram account has 233 posts -- with 358 Followers! (It was started on September 1.)

We're having great fun with these (we think of them as 'communities' -- the way there are Communities here at LiveJournal) -- as well as with our personal accounts...

Oh! My pain is better and I'm managing to concentrate pretty well (in spite of being very tired). So today was a much better day!

Sister Sue is off to her cribbage tournament -- and has another one next weekend, too.

And that's it for today.

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