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Sunny Autumn Day -- Still At Home...

It's 1:30 p.m. and I'm still at home. Marilyn is supposed to come and pick me up and take me in for the Fall Board Meeting later today. (This is mandatory attendance for Staff, but I always want to be there, anyway!)


I've been taking my iron (and vitamin C) and resting, resting, resting (lying down, lying around, napping and actually sleeping). I don't really know what else I could possibly do. But I drag around and yawn, yawn, yawn. And fall asleep sitting up I'm so tired. This fatigue that's been bothering me much of the year seems WORSE right now. Note that the Prednisone should actually be counter-acting the fatigue -- which it can do any time now, thanks very much!

Oh well. I've been dealing with this for ages, so I just need to keep pushing on through, I guess. I'm sucking down a cup of coffee as we speak, believe me! And I'll drink more before I'm done. Hahahahaha.

It's a GORGEOUS autumn day -- the sky is very blue and the sun is shining. Lovely! I'm not really out there to enjoy it, but it's amazing.

We never did do our manicures -- or did I already explain that? What the hell -- we'll go this weekend...

I plan to go to the office tomorrow with Marilyn -- and she said we could go for Chinese food for lunch. (woo hoo) Okay, okay -- right now it's a lot about food. I'm just HUNGRY every second, too! (Another effect of the Prednisone, by the way.)

Just had someone send me an email forward. It read: Television and graffiti were words without meaning. And naturally, history buff that I am, I jumped all over that! Regardless of WHEN people may have become aware of television, graffiti has been with us since ANCIENT times!!! I always think about Roman graffiti, personally -- but the Egyptians had it and the ancient Greeks, as did the Mayans, Vikings and Celtic peoples. Look, there's nothing basically wrong with all these forwards. Often you can find something interesting or new -- or even learn something. But you MIGHT learn things by checking out the original email content. The graffiti thing pushed one of my hot buttons!

You know, there was some clever graffiti during the Great Depression -- so it's odd to see someone who is 'discussing' (writing about) the 1940's ignoring that. But there's been clever graffiti since we've had a written language, just so you know (in case you didn't, that is).

Marilyn's on her way to get me, so I need to go finish getting ready! More later (I hope)...

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