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June and Jim -- LJ Styles -- Nap Time?

June had left us a message on the answering machine that we got after getting back from the beach and grocery shopping last night. She said she was alone for the night, so we both immediately assumed Jim was in the hospital!

The second I'd bolted down some food (we hadn't had anything but a scone to eat all day), I dashed over there. But Jim hadn't gone to the doctor with his mysterious forehead wound -- he'd made a Red Cross blood run! (Three hours each way.) I admire his dedication, but he was too sick to go to church yesterday -- and this is a man who NEVER misses church. Ever. He had no business driving out alone to deliver blood...

June was upset and worried and a little angry with him. But she couldn't stop him from going! Men are so stubborn. (sigh)

They'll get the culture back on that damn thing today, thank heaven! I hope they can determine how else to treat it. It's a mess and just getting worse and worse. (He bumped his head on a board nailed up in a tree -- that used to be a platform for their now-deceased cat, Spooky. It barely broke the skin, but enough to let God-knows-what germs inside! Seeing as the cat sat on it -- and cat claws are dangerously filthy -- and birds perched and crapped there, there's no way to know what is brewing in that wound. It's now spread all the way across his forehead and down near his ear. It's heading down between his eyes.

It's basically a terrible mess. Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I are very worried!

So I actually posted to an S2 community about changing my archive view. (I use the lovely Flexible Squares -- and I wanted to view my calendar/archive in reverse order. Newer months first, in other words.) I did that yesterday, and awoke this morning to a suggestion.

Which I excitedly followed!

And... I ended up totally FUCKING UP my blog. (sigh) I had to spend 45 minutes putting everything back to the way I had it before the change...

Can I say that I really hate Styles?

Don't get me wrong. I'm sure they're terrific when you comprehend them. But I don't see why I have such trouble getting it. I was a computer consultant for years. I've taught basics of the computer -- and various softwares -- for ages. I know HTML and CSS rather well. (Okay, well enough, anyway.)

I know how to change aspects of Flexible Squares using an external stylesheet. (But that's using CSS, which thankfully I get!)

I really don't have the time to be messing up my journal right now. But I thought being able to avoid scrolling through my archive months would SAVE me time. I suppose it would have, if it had worked! (grin) I'm sure I did something wrong, but I've no clue what... I followed the instructions to the letter. (As someone who constantly writes out instructions for OTHERS to follow, I'm pretty good at following what another person tells me to do, believe it or not...)

Anyway, so much for THAT very stupid experiment! (I know, I've nobody to blame but me. I should have left well enough alone. The old, don't fix it if it's not broken argument. Got it...)

I could have written close to a thousand words on my NaNo novel during this past hour.

I need a nap. I'll have to write on my novel later...

At least I wrote down some notes!

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