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Had a Bad Day...

I'm not sure WHY, but I just had a BAD DAY today. Seriously, there really wasn't any reason it should be that bad...

I did get a call from my Nurse Practitioner (Leslie Cody) and found out more about my condition. For the record, it's NOT gout after all. More about that later -- I just don't want to go into all of it today.

The pain bothered me last night so I didn't sleep that great. And it's been bothering me today, too. It's nowhere near as bad as it was prior to the Prednisone, thankfully. I'm trying very hard not to let this get me down.

You should see me right now! I can't type three words without making major spelling errors (!!!) and needing to backspace and retype and retype. That is NOT normal for me at all. But recently I don't feel as MENTALLY STRONG as usual -- and that bothers me far, far worse than any amount of physical pain I might have to put up with.

But the fatigue -- this constantly feeling TIRED (often exhausted) -- is really annoying. I've felt that way so much of this year. I just want to get a little energy, because it's hard to do anything when you don't have it...

I feel so ridiculous. I realize I'm very BLESSED -- and lucky not to be dealing with something far more serious than this. I hate people who WHINE all the time -- and I don't want to become one of those people!

If you want to feel SORRY for someone, please feel sorry for Marilyn! I don't know how she's put up with me the past couple of weeks. She's amazing and I'm lucky and blessed to have her in my life -- and believe me I KNOW THAT every second of the day. She's been just WONDERFUL this whole time (and she hasn't been feeling all that well herself, either). Not everyone has somebody like Marilyn to count on and turn to -- and she's really brilliant about helping me deal with my medical condition. (And she almost never reads my blog, so she's unlikely to even see this, just so you know! Hahahahaha.)

Well, I'm starving -- the meds make me hungry every second. So I'm off to hunt for something to eat. Then maybe I'll try and do something (at least ONE thing) productive. Or sleep. Guess which is more likely?

Love you guys -- and thanks again for all your support. Sorry I've been SUCH A BIG PAIN lately! I should be over that soon...

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