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Pain? Better, But Still...

My goal today was NOT to dwell on my health, but I guess that will be a FAIL. It's pretty much what's on my mind, so...

We did end up watching the movie "Mud," last night (featuring Matthew McConaughey, Tye Sheridan, Sam Shepard and Reese Witherspoon) -- it received nearly universal acclaim from film critics, plus the Rotten Tomatoes website gave the film a score of 98% (and that almost NEVER happens!).

Marilyn and I both really enjoyed the film, which was a 'coming of age' story of two teens who meet up the man Mud and end up helping him out. I'd seriously recommend this movie, which was really a quality story with good writing, acting and directing.

Today we watched three (!!!) episodes of "Family Affair" (with Jody and Buffy, Cissy, Uncle Bill and French -- you either know the series or you don't). Normally we watch one episode at a time, but in Season Three they featured "Lost in Spain" -- which focused on Jody and Buffy going MISSING in Spain. We were so upset by the torture they were put through in the first and second episodes that we had to sit through the third to see what happened. Absolutely horrible! Unfortunately it gave a TERRIBLE portrait of Spain, I have to say. Nobody spoke English and nobody would help the two seven-year-old children, who were alone and afraid. They were hungry, had to walk miles and were exhausted, were thirsty and totally alone for TWO DAYS! Yes, there were finally a few Spaniards who assisted in finding them, but I'm telling you it was shocking to see the unrealistic way things were shown (unless things were very different back in those days -- I have to admit I don't really know). I guess it was true that small children weren't always paid attention to in ANY part of the world in the early 70's -- certainly not the way they are now... Still, I found it very upsetting and annoying, as did Marilyn.

Generally speaking we're impressed with the quality of the series, so this was quite a surprise and disappointment. I suppose not all episodes of any series can always do a good job, but still. And I have to say, there's just something about Jody and Buffy -- they just touch you on so many levels. They're far from perfect kids, but they're really wonderful and special children. And you feel like you actually know them (if that makes sense!).

We stayed in much of the day, just lazing around. I had a bit more pain that yesterday, but it's okay. I'm sticking to avoiding pain pills as much as possible. I had half a pill first thing today, and that's it.

The iron and vitamin C have to be taken on an EMPTY STOMACH, which makes things difficult, as all my other meds need to be taken WITH food. So I get up and take those two, then have to wait to take the rest. (As if it isn't hard enough to juggle all the damn medications I have to take right now... sigh...)

Marilyn kindly took me for a ride in the early evening. We went to Starbucks and then did a little bit of shopping at Walmart for a few things we needed. The goal was to get back to see "The Walking Dead" and then "Revenge" -- we just made it in time!

Then we ran to Safeway for a few food items we needed (the Walmarts we went to doesn't have groceries). And after we had a late dinner. The Prednisone makes me very hungry, by the way. We had scrambled eggs and bacon for brunch (replacing both breakfast and lunch), aside from our late dinner of meat, cottage cheese and celery... Plus a snack of popcorn between.

I've been drinking a TON of liquids -- mostly water, plus some coffee (coffee is supposedly good for gout, so I'm currently avoiding the tea I usually get at Starbucks). I'm flushing out quite well (yeah, TMI!), which is perfect for the condition...

Well, I managed to get myself up here to blog (barely), so now I'm ready to think about bedtime.

I wanted to try and work in phoning my friend June. I'd sort of thought about dropping by briefly to see her, as it's been ages since we've even talked. But I just didn't seem to get around to it. (sigh)

We may take a drive tomorrow. We really NEED to get our manicures done (!!!), too. (Frankly, I need a pedicure, too, but doubt I could face both, considering!!!) I guess we'll see if we just stay home, or what.

Marilyn has felt somewhat under the weather for several days, actually. The focus has been so much on me, that I don't think I've even mentioned it until now! (My bad.) I guess the morning will tell how she's doing -- and how I'm doing, too...

I need to get an appointment to get back in to my clinic, too...

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