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Yawn... It's Monday Morning!

It's just past 8 a.m. on Monday morning...

Which doesn't seem early to me normally. (Nor probably to any of you.) But we were awake until 4 a.m. (at least), so I'm a little tired right now...

But my brain is CHURNING with NaNoWriMo novel 'notes' -- so I needed to get up and type out a few things, sleepy or no!

It's quite foggy this morning! You can even smell the fog inside the house. (The way you can on some mornings...)

I think I've got my novel 'timeline' down now! I just need to type it up. (That's good news.)

I answered at least ONE of my 'questions' I did last week, too. (Now if only I'd answered more. All? Oh well. smile.)

Thanks to all of you who've written me encouraging NaNo comments. I keep meaning to answer you, but I seem to be scatter-brained about anything that's not NaNo related!

I'm glancing at my middle-of-the-night notes (well, more like early morning notes, I guess) and am smiling at how scrawled they are! But at least I can read them. I'd better type them up, just the same.

Happy Monday to all my friends!


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