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Knee Pain -- Very Bad

My knee pain is really bad right now. I guess I made it worse going up and down the stairs in order to do the garbage and recycling.

Actually, that might be good in a way. Earlier in the day the pain was pretty calm, as I'd only tackled the stairs once or twice. And considering I see my Nurse Practitioner tomorrow, I'd like to be able to really explain the level of pain I've been feeling...

I'm seeing both Angel and sister Sue in the morning, to do computer work...

My appointment is in the evening, at 5:00 p.m.

We'll see how that goes.

On a different note, it still BOTHERS ME A TON that LiveJournal changed the way 'Mood' works. We used to be able to write in our OWN mood -- but pick the image from an existing mood. You can't do that anymore. I wonder why? That's like going backwards with the code, isn't it??? Highly annoying.

Tags: angel, appointment-2013, arthritis, computer, computer-consultant, garbage-and-recycling, gout, knee, knee-pain, leslie, nurse-practitioner, pain, sister-sue

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