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IT Nightmare Today -- Just a BAD Day at the Festival Office, Actually...

The only thing that made today bearable was that I wasn't the only one 'suffering' -- hahahahaha. This was one of those 'cursed' days, when things just seemed to go WRONG! (sigh)

We did celebrate Carol's birthday in Staff meeting (and I took her a card and some gifts -- a Starbucks card and some chocolate). So that was nice!

My personal issues were all IT-related (surprise). I managed to resolve Shelley's issue with her 'missing' Public Folders in Outlook (a problem I'd never seen before this -- and hope I never see again!). That was a positive note, at least!

And Jeff's computer does seem faster to him after his work today, so that was another plus. (woo hoo)

But we could NOT get the Auction stuff (VISA info) downloaded automatically. The software people aren't really used to dealing with clients on Servers -- then you add the VOIP thing and it's really confusing.

Maybe trying to do that didn't screw everything else up -- but I think that's a BIG maybe. Anyway, suddenly we had computers dropping off the network -- unable to see the Server or connect to the internet. It was quite the mess! If our staff people aren't able to connect to our Server drives, they're screwed to do their work, period.

Good moments today? I went to Starbucks with Rich first thing. And later went to lunch with him, too. Very nice.

The rest of the day was rough. Really a big pain. Me trying to do things that just weren't working -- and trying to reach Kris. Happily I finally did and he got things fixed late this evening. (Well, I need to go in and see if it's all resolved tomorrow, but hopefully we're good to go now...)

By the way, MARILYN was a huge, huge support all day long -- as always! I don't know what I'd do without her.

Well, we had leftovers for dinner tonight. Food we like and no cooking! (woo hoo)

My left knee is giving me fits. I've had arthritis much of my life -- and already had serious 'bumps' in my finger joints by the age of 30. So it's little wonder it's become more pronounced and serious over time. I hope to talk about it with my Nurse Practitioner on Friday, because at the current time there's so much pain I can barely sleep at night... (sigh) The last two nights have been especially bad. I was careful to try and sleep on my back last night, and that helped some. I seemed better this morning. But after walking up and down stairs today and out to lunch, I was limping by the afternoon... (sigh) I realize I probably just have to live with this -- as I said, I've been dealing with arthritis issues for more than half my life, so it's not really new for me.

Marilyn wants me to try those pain patch things they show on TV, so that's an idea. I can try cold and hot packs, too, of course. I guess we'll see how it goes.

I think I need to go back in the office tomorrow, to be sure everything is working properly. So a nap is big on my list of things to do right now!

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