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Ride Up the Gorge -- Went to Multnomah Falls!

Marilyn and I started our day by heading over to McDonald's to get our fave sausage biscuits for breakfast -- but of course we didn't immediately EAT them.

Why not? Because this morning was my fasting labs day -- and I couldn't have anything but WATER from 10:00 p.m. last night until my 10:30 a.m. appointment. We headed over directly after getting the food and were early by around 20 minutes -- but they took me anyway. The women in the in-house lab are very nice, by the way!

So I had blood taken and did my pee in the jar and was quickly done.

Then Marilyn and I went to Starbucks, planning to get something to drink and sit there for awhile playing online. But the place was just packed, with nowhere to sit, so we came home, instead.

After we got home and pulled ourselves together, we were ready to take a ride. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT, CONSIDERING LAST NIGHT??? Hahahahahaha. Anyway, it's true! Today we decided we'd head up the Columbia River Gorge. We stopped at Arby's on the way and got a few of our fave snacks for the road (grin) -- food we've been getting forever when taking our day trips.

It was a STUNNINGLY beautiful day -- another perfect Indian Summer day in Oregon!

Okay! Guess what? I just read about 'Indian Summer' and discovered that there's a very strict guideline for what falls into that category! The dates alone must be between November 11 (St. Martin's Day) and November 20. Seriously? I've spent my entire life referring to really lovely, warm days in autumn as 'Indian Summer' -- but it turns out I've been wrong! Well, you know what? I like my own definition BETTER than the 'official' one (from the 1985 Old Farmer's Almanac, in this case). I think of it as very summery weather that happens during autumn (September, October and November) -- where the sky is clear and it's warm out (and generally quite chilly in the evenings and at night). Whatever. I have a feeling people will continue to misuse the term, so I'm not beating myself up about it! (smile)

Our skies were very blue (if a tiny bit hazy -- which DOES fit the official description of Indian Summer, by the way) and it was warm, if a bit breezy up the Gorge (as it often is).

We ended up going to (wait for it Frank!!!) Multnomah Falls (!!!) -- which was nice, as we hadn't been there in some time. We took a slew of photos and walked up to the bridge and visited the gift shop, before leaving. (I need to get into better shape! Had I been in better shape, we could have walked up to the top of the falls!)

After that we headed back home. I didn't sleep well last night. I've been running a temperature (???) recently -- maybe connected to my damn seasonal allergies. Yeah, I know that sounds crazy, but they really give me fits this time of year and I have a lot of issues when they act up. So I spent the rest of the day reading my Kindle paperwhite and snoozing...

Marilyn napped, too (I think... ???) -- but spent a lot of time doing Edits on images for our "Revenge" community at Instagram. She has such fun doing that -- and I think it's a very productive hobby!

Oh! And I reasoned out my 'issue' with being able to reload my Starbucks account! Marilyn and I both love using the iPhone App to pay for Starbucks. So I tried to load via the App, but it failed. Today I logged on via the computer and discovered that my VISA had expired. All I needed to do was update the card and it worked like a charm. I hate to get Starbucks without getting 'credit' toward a free drink, after all. Hahahaha.

Donn did the computer 'fix' (adding another stick -- 1gig -- of RAM) to Jeff's computer today. The good news? It did improve the speed! (woo hoo)

Work tomorrow? I need to help Carol 'sync' the Auction software. I know I've done it before (???), but it should be interesting! (grin)

We need to go shopping (groan) -- even though neither one of us want to! I think after I finish typing this I'll go try and get us both up for it. We're just going to go to Freddies, so it's not that big a deal. But we need a bunch of things (mostly groceries!), so...

It was a nice Monday, anyway! Friday we go to see my Nurse Practitioner (Leslie Cody) to get the results of my labs.

We're hoping to go to the beach house next weekend, so I'll need to find out if June and Jim can take care of the house. (Or we can ask other neighbors, of course. There are several willing to do it, thankfully!) We haven't been down there in ages, so we're excited to go!

Henry Tudor Cat is 'fetching' a hair tie for me! Hahahahahaha. He's making quite a fuss and wants my attention really bad, sweet boy. So I guess I'd better go now!

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