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Crazy Day on Sauvie Island! Plus "TWD" and "Revenge"

Marilyn and I are wrapped up in some 'communities' at Instagram. There's actually no term for these, but that's how we tend to refer to them -- sort of the Instagram equivalent of communities here at LiveJournal. Anyway, these are for the TV shows "Revenge," "Dallas" and "The Walking Dead" -- so we spend time sharing images for those three IG accounts. At Instagram they call photos you make changes to 'Edits' (kind of like calling userpics at LJ icons, I guess). I often still think of these as BLENDS, another LiveJournal term that goes way back. Admittedly a Blend wouldn't generally be just one photo that you'd applied filters (etc.) to -- it would be a minimum of two images that are blended (duh!) together. I guess Edit works as a term, because it applies to images you've enhanced in some way, as well as blends of more than one image (and or text).

We love the artistic outlet and have been really enjoying this activity (I suppose it's like a hobby). We both have always loved fandom and participating in it...

So much of today was spent on that. Then in the late afternoon we decided to go get Starbucks and go for a ride.

Starbucks was fine. But the ride? Um... We kind of FORGOT that we didn't want to go there for a few weeks!

We decided to go drive around Sauvie Island. This is something we've done our entire lives and we do it frequently. We've been known to do it in the middle of a work day sometimes when we really needed to 'get away' from everything. But it's NOT where you want to be during the month of October on a WEEKEND.

As we pulled up to go across the bridge we noticed some traffic and a policeman directing cars. We wondered what had happened (an accident?). Then we got on the bridge -- too late to turn back (!!!) -- and suddenly remembered: The island has tons of traffic on October weekends, with people heading there to buy pumpkins for Halloween! There's additional interest in getting the last produce of autumn (most farms close November 1), and to go to the corn mazes there, too. But this year??? Absolutely AWFUL traffic! Beyond anything I've ever seen in my life (no, I'm not kidding!).

I've never seen traffic lines that long! It wrapped down the road as far as the eye could see, going both directions off the bridge. There are two major farms -- one in each direction. And when we went by the larger farm, they had used two large fields for extra parking and these were full.

We ended up there for two and a half hours, believe it or not. We hadn't intended to pull off the main road, but when we finally got all the way around and were headed back toward the bridge, our empty light came on and we had to turn back to Kruger's and get off the road. We should have had plenty of gas to go there and back home again, but sitting in the traffic either barely moving or stopped had used it all up... Besides this, I'd left my own cell home accidentally -- so I'd been taking photos with Marilyn's cell out the window (we'd gone there thinking we'd get some autumn shots). I didn't realize it was dying until it gave me a low battery message at 10%. Now we're nearly out of gas and our one phone is almost dead! (The only way to charge the phone is with the car charger, which doesn't work if the car dies...)

Yes, yes, it was a comedy of errors! And it was getting darker and darker and more and more chilly, too. We got out of the car at Kruger's while we phoned the Subaru Roadside Assistance (in place of AAA). I also used the bathroom there (happily NOT a porta potty -- I'm so very much not a fan).

We were told a man would be there with gas (2 gallons!) by 7:30 p.m. -- he was there by 25 past. And he saw the situation and decided to give us more gas, just to be safe. Kind of him, as he's really not supposed to do that!

Anyway, we weren't home by 6:00 (obviously) as planned for the first playing of "The Walking Dead" (first episode of Season 4), but they always play it twice, so no worries...

And the phone managed to charge up enough so we didn't end up phone-less (!!!). The woman on the phone and the man who came out were both wonderful. And we went inside to let them know we might end up leaving the car there and seeking a ride home and had an employee offer to give us a ride if needed. How nice!

(Both "The Walking Dead" and "Revenge" were very entertaining tonight, by the way...)

If you're reading, sister Sue, I think we showed great restraint not to phone you and get you all worked up about this! Hahahahaha.

We ate late -- and I'm not cut off food and beverages (except for water) until after my labs are taken tomorrow morning at 10:30. (I go to see my Nurse Practitioner on Friday for the results.)

What a crazy day! But things could have been much worse, so we're not all that unhappy but what happened. I'm sure we'll remember forever about not visiting Sauvie Island on an October weekend, after this...

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