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Meclizine? Yes, I'm in a Fog...

Stayed home from work today after all -- and took a Meclizine, so I've been drugged out and sleeping...

The only useful thing I've done all day is unzip the Auction movie file for Marilyn and put it on a jump drive...

On that note, I can barely keep my eyes open (!!!), so I'm heading back to bed.

Donn DID go in and try to do the work himself (without me there). He had the wrong RAM (!!!), so couldn't get Jeff's computer done. (Seriously, Donn???) I couldn't even discuss this with him. I was too out of it and annoyed to go there...

Donn wants to work without me there in-office when he comes by. But if he can't get the job done when I'm not around, that doesn't make anyone confident that I shouldn't be there when he is. Admittedly, it wouldn't have happened today whether I was there or not -- bad RAM is bad RAM. (And had I been there and this hadn't gone well, I might have been even more annoyed.) The place he bought it screwed up, but it's his job to check on the product he buys. (sigh)

That's as much as I can stand to 'discuss' the situation. I feel responsible, because it involved Jeff and we'd gone out of our way to have him take a meeting in Marilyn's office so Donn would have the chance to be in Jeff's office to do the work. Well, ultimately all things IT are my responsibility, no matter who makes the actual mistake.

Hopefully this will be resolved tomorrow...

Back to bed!

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