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Wednesday -- Did My Hair...

Why did I use the cat and kleenex icon? I'm currently stuffed up (allergies, I think) and I have an earache. And my ears feel fuzzy and weird. Damn! I was fine all day long...

Marilyn and I went shopping tonight for the Auction. I wanted something BLUE to wear that would go with my current manicure, but that's not what I ended up getting. Sue B. brought by a top to Marilyn that she'd bought for me, and I'm actually going to wear that, believe it or not! It's really sparkly and pretty.

So my outfit is that top, worn with warm-up pants and a brand new Nike warm-up jacket I got at Ross over at the Lloyd Center tonight. The whole thing turned out very cute. Our Auction theme this year is Tailgate & Roses (we always have roses in there!) -- the basic idea is that it's a sports-related theme. Attendees have been invited to wear cocktail attire or 'super fan' outfits. I guess I fall somewhere between the two. Hahahahaha. It's always a big deal to figure out what we'll wear. Marilyn still isn't 100% sure, but is planning to probably wear a dress. (She did not buy anything tonight for herself for the auction -- but did get a new pair of pants for work!)

By the way, we went to Macy's first -- but had no luck there at all. I really HATED the Women's size clothing -- the current cut of the outfits is awful (very old looking to me). I don't feel just because you're heavy you should have to wear UGLY clothing that makes you look old! I want to wear cute and fashionable clothes -- the same thing younger people wear -- only bigger...

Did website stuff first thing this morning. And went to the store with sister Sue to get hair color. And to another store for meds that were ready. Plus we got Starbucks at Freddies and she played with her tablet a bit -- looking over the photos I added yesterday...

I did the garbage and recycling (plus cat boxes) today, so I won't have to worry about it tomorrow.

And I did a load of dishes and picked up the kitchen a bit, too...

Mark called and I spoke with him for more than an hour and a half. We haven't seen each other in ages. The only way we've communicated is via messages back and forth at Facebook (barely). He was missing me and wanted to check in. Plus he'd seen my stuff about the gastro appointment and tests and stuff. (He has a lot of health issues of his own...) He's a good guy and I miss him when we don't manage to connect.

I tried to reach Kris -- I was so excited when I saw the Auction movie for this year. It's made up of many festival photos -- and actually ends on a photo of Kris! I haven't even asked him to attend like I normally do -- but I sent him the video link and mentioned going today.

He phoned me back at some point when we were out shopping (!!!), so I missed the call. Then I spaced it entirely after we go back home. (sigh) All we could think about was having dinner, considering it was then 8:00 p.m.

I did get my hair colored -- right before Marilyn got home from work! I was racing to dry my hair and get makeup on (again) and get dressed, so we could go shopping as we'd planned. I didn't expect the long call from Mark -- and had planned to be well done with my hair before that.

Anyway, that was my busy day!

Tomorrow I planned to go in to the office -- I've got Donn coming in to work. But Marilyn thinks I should STAY HOME and take a Meclizine (which means staying down, as they make me very sleepy). The idea is to avoid getting a vertigo attack (!!!), because issues with my ears often lead to vertigo problems. I really rarely have to deal with my vertigo, I'm happy to say. It's ended up not being that serious for me (though I know many people who have a lot of constant issues and big problems with their vertigo).

Did some laundry tonight...

Well, off to sleep. I'm tired. More tomorrow...

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