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Another IT Day at the Office...

In to the office EARLY today -- we were there by 7:15 a.m. Marilyn headed off to her meeting, and then Rich came in shortly after that. He and I hadn't been to Starbucks in some time, so we headed right over! (I had hot chai tea...) It was nice to chat with Rich and hear all about his recovery from his recent surgery. Merlin is also doing well after her surgery!

Donn was a little late (surprise... sigh...) this morning. I'm so fed up with IT people being LATE all the time! I can hardly deal with it anymore. I wish they could somehow be more frank about when they'll really arrive...

Marilyn, Jeff, Rich, Ron (board member) and I went to Starbucks (the second time for Rich and me). This time I had a green tea frapp. Yummy! Nice to see Ron!

Anyway, I got permission (yet again) to skip most of Staff meeting, so Donn and I could get right to work. Shelley had an incident (blue screen error) on her computer -- so we started with that. (She's finance, and we need her up and running!)

From there we went to Jeff's computer, to add back his dual monitors. We had to steal the video card from Chris' (now gone) computer in order to accomplish this. And I took the two monitors off of what had been seasonal employee Caroll's computer, so that the monitors would match. That took longer than expected, but at least it got done! And I set up UltraMon, then gave Jeff a short lesson in using it... We determined that Jeff's computer was TOO SLOW, so we're adding RAM.

The issue with Stephanie's monitors and computer turned out to be more serious than we'd hoped, I'm afraid (sigh). The fan had gone out in one of the video cards (!!!) and she was registering temperatures of more than 200°! (yikes) As a temporary fix, we opened up the side and I got a fan from the IT room so we could cool it down that way.

I arranged with Shelley to get petty cash for Donn to purchase the RAM for Jeff's computer. Now we needed $$$ to buy a new video card! So Donn agreed he could front the cash if he got a check for it on Thursday -- and Shelley is making that happen, happily...

I know I'm skipping some other IT issues, but I just can't THINK of what right now (!!!). Anyway, we were both under desks. And I was carrying towers and monitors -- and hunting up other supplies (like podiums for the monitors) and packing them around, too. It was tiring.

Marilyn took me home around lunch time, then headed back to work.

I did website changes for the Auction (which is Friday).

Then I was thinking over our problems with photos for Sue's new Samsung Galaxy Tablet 3 device -- and how to easily add pictures from other sources. They come with a card reader built in, designed for the micro card. I'd seen one for the digital cameras we own, but it was too big. Then I hunted around, knowing (somehow remembering) that we had a small card reader device (it lets you view the card as if you were plugging in a USB jump drive. The final step? Did I have a card that was the right size???

Well, I wouldn't have the device if I didn't, correct? Then I remembered that my old cell phone had one! I found the phone, took out the card and put it into the device. I had used a jump drive to gather a bunch of photos I thought Sue would like to have. So now I cleaned off the card and loaded it up with the data on the jump drive. Finally I installed the card in the tablet. Then I was confused. How do you get the damn device to READ the card???

I spent some time researching this online, of course. You'd think it would be EASY to locate, but it certainly wasn't! And when I did find it, there was no step-by-step method. But I managed to reason it out -- and finally got the 70+ photos on her tablet (woo hoo)!!! I was pretty proud of that accomplishment, believe me!

I had to call and crow to Marilyn, who was pleased. We really wanted an easy way to move photos on and off the device. Now we're good to go.

No, I didn't leave the card installed -- I want to be able to use it again, if necessary. I'm sure glad I had it and recalled that I did -- especially as I NEVER have used it before today!

Other news...??? Well, I located images Marilyn needed and sent them to her. And I spent a bunch of time looking for baby (kitten) photos of the boys -- and moving them into folders where I can easily find them. We like sharing photos of our cats at Instagram (where they're very popular). Now I need to send this (via email) to myself, so I can get them into our photo stream...

Dinner was hot dogs (no buns) and chili -- a nice autumn meal. Now we're both ready to nap! I'm worn out from today...

Oh! I did get the call from the Gastroenterology Clinic -- right in the middle of Staff meeting (the part I actually attended). So I didn't get back to her for some time. We set a date for my two tests (November 7 at 8:45) -- which was much better than the original suggestion of Halloween (!!!) at 3:00 in the afternoon! These tests are really best done in the morning, if possible -- partly because you can't DRINK even water for three hours before the test takes place. (And we all know how you spend the day before the test... grin...)

I feel like I'm forgetting something, but my mind is toast right now, so whatever...

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