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Festival Office + Gastroenterology Clinic Appointment

Marilyn and I went in so she could attend her Auction meeting (with the auctioneer). Amusing aside: Part of the work we did on Saturday proved unnecessary -- we made auction cards (as we've always done), but he prefers to work with the actual full-size sheets of the script. No big deal, doing work that isn't used... Hahahaha. Whatever.

I ended up trying to deal with an IT issue (surprise!) -- Stephanie was having monitor problems. I finally gave up on it and decided to have Donn in -- but I had to check with Jeff to be sure he was cool with that. We're watching our year-end budget very carefully, so I'm supposed to be waiting until the new fiscal year for consultant fees. Oh well -- this couldn't wait, really...

Anyway, Donn will be in tomorrow (Tuesday) and will fix her dual monitors -- and set up Jeff's dual monitors. All good!

Oh, we worked Starbucks into our day (prior to her meeting), and I was back to my green tea frapp -- very nice! I hadn't had on in ages, as I've been having hot beverages for my sore throat.

After that we headed over to my appointment, which was actually in the Emanuel Hospital building (on the fourth floor). I'd been there before (back in 2007), but I honestly didn't recall if it was inside the hospital or in a nearby building (where many of these things are located).

Dr. Barry T. DeGregorio actually REMEMBERED me (!!!) from the visit years back. And he was as handsome as ever (very striking man), in spite of aging. He has some new ideas, though, that were interesting! I won't go into it all here, but he is really involved in the treatment of mind, body and SPIRIT now.

He actually spent an hour (!!!) with us -- unheard of for these specialists. (Plus it was clear from his assistant that he's moving and grooving every second.) The upswing is that I'll be having colonoscopy sometime soon -- just to check everything out. He doesn't necessarily think we'll find anything, to be honest, but he says it can pin down a lot of things, even so. (And with the family history of cancer, better to check than not, of course.) Nobody is ever thrilled to have this test, but personally I'm glad to do -- as long as it's COVERED by insurance, that is! We don't have $2,000 - $3,000 to put toward this, that's for sure...

We couldn't set the appointment today, as they had a computer crash (!!!) while I was there. Amusing, no? Anyway, she was going to phone either today or tomorrow. She didn't get to me today, so I assume she'll phone tomorrow...

And, yes, I know all about the prep for this test, considering so many people I know have had it. No fun to poop and poop, but that's how it goes! Actually, there's something to be said for a cleanse... Hahahaha.

He mentioned another test (???), but it wasn't really discussed. So I don't know if that will happen the same day or not... (Or what exactly it is.)

Marilyn was wonderful. Took me there and had me in 15 minutes early (as they request). I'd done the paperwork carefully in advance, so there was really no need for the extra time, but whatever. We sat and played on our iPads while waiting.

After the appointment we headed to Safeway and got some deli food. We were both starved, as all we'd had all day was our yogurt. We got chicken and some chow mein -- and some designer olives, too. It was great to nomnomnom when we got home!

TV, reading and naps for the remainder of what is normally a day off for us. We're getting ready to head to bed very soon (it's near to midnight).

We still need to head to Macy's to check on CLOTHES for Friday night (the Auction). I'd love something BLUE to go with my current manicure, but if it can't happen I'll figure something out...

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