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Lovely Autumn Day! (Plus "Revenge" Tonight...)

Marilyn and I got out quite a bit today -- partly to enjoy the beautiful, sunny autumn day, and partly because we had ERRANDS to run (!!!).

We didn't end up out and about in time to go to McDonald's for breakfast (we love their sausage biscuits), but we did go out to Starbucks and had drinks and something to eat (in my case an oatmeal cookie). And we sat there messing around with our iPads for a time.

Then we headed to Ross to do some shopping. We both were looking for new 'bags' of some kind to use for carrying our devices -- primarily our iPads and iPad keyboards (but I also frequently carry my Kindle paperwhite, too -- and even my iPhone). We each have a small bag (purse?) that we use for this. Marilyn had left her bag at the office -- where she needs to keep one all the time. Mine? It's just too damn small! When I've got the keyboard, iPad and Kindle inside, I might be able to add my cell -- but NOTHING ELSE! Not kidding. You can't even add keys or a pen. I've used it for ages now, but wanted a larger one.

I've been looking for something relatively SMALL (and inexpensive) that was briefcase-like -- with a shoulder strap. Believe it or not (!!!), I actually found exactly that today! The brand is Steve Madden, and it's actually not bad looking. It's padded with a zipper pouch, plus an extra pocket outside (magnet clasp). With a shoulder strap! I'll have to carry to see how it goes, of course, but I think I'm going to like it.

Did NOT find this at the first Ross we went to. Actually, I did find it there -- minus the shoulder strap. So I wasn't about to buy it without that. I got some new shoes, which I really needed. I have a hard time finding shoes to fit (because I've got issues with my right heel). And it's way more about comfort that appearance for me! These are Easy Spirits, in a kind of beige -- a combo of suede leather and nylon (they breathe), with a zipper closure. I really like them! Sister Sue has already been giving me a hard time about wearing sandals now that it's colder -- but, again, it's about foot comfort for me...

After shopping at the first Ross store, we stopped home briefly. Then went for a drive down to Sauvie Island, to get some sun and appreciate the day. We went to Columbia Farms (we've never been there before) and took a lot of photos. They're selling pumpkins and gords (only) -- tons of types. LiveJournal is telling me that 'gords' isn't spelled correctly. Really, LJ??? Hahahahaha. Anyway, I put up a great photo of these at Instagram, Facebook and Twitter...

We also stopped briefly at the Blue Heron Herbary and saw Santa Mike (and his dog). We didn't buy much, but it was fun looking around and taking more photos.

We didn't stop at Kruger's, which was just PACKED (!!!) with people -- and I'm not kidding! I guess it will be like that every weekend this month. The whole Halloween-get-a-pumpkin thing is huge for them, and Marilyn and I are glad to see them doing well...

After that we headed to Red Robin to have a burger -- it had been ages since we were last there. We tried their beer milkshake (!!!), which was really wonderful! Yeah, I know it doesn't SOUND like it would be good, but it is! Yummy! (This is NOTHING like the nasty sauerkraut milkshake I had years back at the Scappoose Sauerkraut Festival -- really just as AWFUL as it sounds...)

So, after Red Robin, we were right by another Ross -- so we stopped there. And that's where I got the new bag! (grin)

The rest of the day? I felt like a snake -- I'd been out in the sun, baking, and it was so nice. I'd had a big meal (and we've cut back a lot recently on the quantity of food -- so this was a splurge), just a snake that ate a rat. Hahahahaha. So I was ready to curl up with my Kindle and read and nap. Which is exactly what I did!

No real "Revenge" spoilers this time around -- EXCEPT for one: The Graysons are, indeed, Catholics. Marilyn and I have been using that in fanfic for two years, in spite of the fact that it wasn't canon -- as far as anyone knew, anyway! We were delighted to have it suddenly confirmed in this episode. It works on so many levels, story-wise. I won't go into details of the rest of the show, except to say that there's no way to really tell what the hell is going on -- and a lot of it was boring. Not sure this 'the Graysons are poor' storyline is working at all. And Emily seems on the outs with everyone -- again, is this really what the producers are after?

We'll keep on watching, but Marilyn and I are both wondering if the series is going to make it through a full season if they keep all this up... (???)

Marilyn has her Auction meeting tomorrow. Then we're off to my gastroenterology appointment in the afternoon...

This will be a busy week, with the Auction coming up on Friday! I hope the weather holds and is nice that day...

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