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Hair Cut (!!!) - Work at Office - Nap Time!

How was my Saturday (well, so far!) -- quite good!

I'm happy that I got my hair cut this morning. Sister Sue took me to the appointment, as Marilyn was actually off getting her hair done this morning (an earlier appointment than mine), too. I took festival mints (in cute tins) to the women at the shop -- and some pins for Dana (her husband is a collector).

The crazy thing? Since 2009 (when I was diagnosed with diabetes), my hair has gotten straighter and straighter. No, I'm NOT kidding. I've had naturally curly hair my entire life, and often my hair is now bone straight (!!!). But after Dee cut my hair today, she let it air dry -- and it was just a MASS OF CURLS! I can't get over it! It had been ages since my last cut. (I can't even find a record of when I last had it cut! It seriously can't have been since January, but that's the only entry I could find that mentioned getting a cut... yikes...) So getting the weight off probably did just let curls bounce in...

Sue and I went to Freddies to the deli and Starbucks after. They had our chicken noodles we love so much (!!!), so we each had some (comfort food, I'm telling you). And Sue (so sweet!) bought us both Starbucks. I had a chai latte (extra hot), which felt great on my sore throat. (Allergies are still kicking my butt, damn it all...)

When I got home Marilyn was already here. We got ready and headed in to the festival office. I needed to wrap up some of my medical paperwork for Monday's appointment -- and print it out. (We don't have a working printer at home.) I did it really cool, using their logo on the top of each sheet (just like they do on all their forms), so I could type up answers. I mean NOBODY has a typewriter anymore (I certainly don't!!!), so if you want to type stuff up, you're going to use your computer... Now I'll always have these forms, which I can easily edit if needed in the future. Cool, huh?

You know, on that subject, I don't get why companies don't create computer forms that you can easily fill out. Yeah, some people do PDFs that can be filled in, but they're still pretty rare. I had done the online form -- but it didn't work all that well (!!!). There was far less info there than on the paper version of the form they sent me. Anyway!

I helped Marilyn a little with the Auction cards she was working on -- so at least I did a little for the upcoming Auction. There was a work group there today, plugging away!

Then I went back upstairs to my desk and typed up NOTES that I'd gleaned from my blog (going back to 2002) regarding my gastrointestinal (and general) health. So I'll take that on Monday, too...

We got home and I fixed us lunch. (They did Subway sands at the office, but Marilyn and I didn't do that. We're not big on sandwiches anymore -- we've barely touched bread since November of last year.) And after we had a bite to eat we both had naps. (Yes, I did read my Kindle quite a bit, too...)

Watched much of the "House of Versace" movie -- I thought Lisa Gershone did a great job, by the way. It was entertaining. (Sorry I didn't see the whole thing.)

Right now Marilyn is doing the treadmill. (She wanted to be done before SNL with Miley Cyrus as guest. She should just finish in time!)

Oh, and we've been playing around at Instagram. We have a couple 'communities' (or however you want to refer to accounts set up for fandom purposes) that we're really involved with... (Aside from our own accounts.)

I'm craving peanut butter (don't know why!), so we're about to have some with apple slices and coffee. Yummy!

Since I've been eating so much less lately, my blood sugar has been really good. It was 85 this morning, which is NORMAL, for the record. (What anyone without diabetes would have, in other words.)

Well, that's it for today. I do want to get back to sharing PHOTOS here again -- I wish it was easier to do! Well, I'll reason it out at some point, I suppose...

Oh! And about yesterday's post! It was supposed to be in my Health Report filter -- sorry if it was TMI for those not in that filter. (yikes) Anyway, thanks for all the kind words, you guys. I wasn't seeking sympathy, honest. I feel we ALL have health issues to deal with, and mine aren't as bad as many, many people I know. I just got all wrapped up in doing a detailed report, I guess. (grin)

Off to have our snack!

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