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Go, Me! The eNewsletter is Out!!!

Actually, the eNewsletter was sent JUST BEFORE 11:00 a.m. -- and that hasn't happened in ages!!! I've been lucky to get it out by around noon in most cases...

The Auction is a week from tomorrow -- so this eNewsletter is important. We talked about one thing and one thing only: The Auction. We've got a lot of WONDERFUL items, including two amazing Raffle items (first time ever!). The Raffle started a while back, but people haven't been buying tickets. I think it's because they don't know about it -- not because we don't have amazing items available!

The money raised by the Auction goes to support the festival -- and heaven knows we can use the $$$. Non-profits always need more cash, it seems...

Anybody who saw the computer equipment in our office would be amazed that we can even function, frankly. I can't tell you how OLD some of this stuff is! Donn was rebuilding donated CPUs way back in 2007 -- and many of those towers are currently in use today. Yes, I wish I were joking about that, but I'm NOT. And we're constantly having monitors die, because many we're using were also donated in 2007, meaning they were OLD before we ever got them...

I sometimes imagine what it would be like to have even recently donated computers -- it's a fond daydream! Some companies supposedly are turning their equipment around every two or three years. I wish we could luck into one of these, because 25-30 'slightly used' CPUs would really keep us going for years to come...

Dream on, Charlie! Just keep the current equipment running as best you can -- and be grateful to have it!

I wonder how I got from the eNewsletter and the Auction to talking about IT??? Hahahahaha. I guess that happens!

Well, I owe myself another cup of coffee and a short break, now that the eNewsletter has been sent.

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