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Hector's Here -- Thank God!

It just looks like we're going to have a nasty, wet autumn and winter. (sigh)

I went outside to see Hector, who is working away -- all by himself, mind you! (That's very rare.) I gave him some wine (as a special thank you) and chatted with him. He's so concerned he wants to come out every couple of weeks (!!!) to make sure it's going okay.

Plus he says he has a guy who will help him cut back the one really bad tree that's sitting on the roof and causing issues... I told him okay -- as long as it wasn't going to cost us a fortune. He knows how that goes, believe me!

He said he'd tried to get out yesterday, but he's swamped with this same work all over town. We're not the only ones terrified of flooding!

I noticed (unhappily noticed) that the foundation on the end of the house (facing Farragut) is damp looking (!!!). I'm thinking we'll have to tarp there, too (like we do out back), because we certainly can't afford to start flooding on that end of Marilyn's bedroom! (sigh)

I should force myself to bundle up (again) and dash outside to 'stick the oil' while I'm at it. I don't want to go out (I didn't want to go out at all today -- even to see Hector), but considering I was already out there...

I got a DRAFT of the eNewsletter done this morning. Actually, I did two drafts -- one with two columns and one with one column. Plus a custom header banner (as always). Except for proofing and tweaking it out, it should be good to go...

Everybody at the office is in meetings and tied up and hasn't been able to help me with it. So I'll be RACING to finish it up in the morning, I'm sure! The goal is always to try and get it out by noon on Thursday, but that's hard if I don't hear anything at all back on Wednesday... And it's close to five now, so...

I just phoned both Christine and Rich and asked them to check it over before they left for the day (as both depart at five) -- so hopefully they can check it tonight, at least...

Carol is the one who will have changes for me, but she can't help how busy she's been all day long...

Well, I'm going out to stick the oil, then coming back in and lying down again. It's COLD outside!!! I'm going to snuggle right down in the blankets, that's for sure!

Other news for today:

Sister Sue saw her doctor and Marilyn went with her. Interesting stuff -- and Marilyn often knows more than the doctor does (!!!). She does amazing research!

Nicole was back to school both yesterday and today, even though she's not feeling great. But yesterday was her 20 month anniversary with Ulises -- and Candy had told Nicole she couldn't see him if she didn't go to school. Rightly so, but wild horses weren't keeping Nicole home if it meant she couldn't see her BF on their big day!

Candy came home sick today -- appears to be the flu...

Sue will go to cribbage tonight, but not tomorrow night (even though her friend Tammy tried to get her to). She has a family bday party Saturday...

Marilyn gets her hair done Saturday morning (unless she can change it) -- and I'm supposed to be getting my hair done at a totally different shop Saturday morning, too. Not sure how I'm getting there (walking? riding the bus?), because both Marilyn and Sue are tied up and I don't have my bike (that was stolen) to ride anymore... I suppose I can always go without, if I have to. The important thing is to COLOR my hair before the Auction, which is a week from Friday. If I can't get the cut, whatever...

Oh, and I need to get in to see my Nurse Practitioner Leslie this month -- and have fasting bloodwork done. Otherwise a bunch of my meds won't refill next time around...

Christine wrote back to me. And just now, Rich did, too! (woo hoo)

Off to check the oil... (sigh)

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