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Wind Storm? Yes!

See the 'Blustery' icon? Well that's a total understatement!

Portland (Oregon) and the surrounding areas had one hell of a wind storm today -- and our power was out for several hours.

It went out right in the middle of cooking dinner for Marilyn, sister Sue and me! I got two pans of fried green tomatoes (zucchini, red and yellow tomatoes) done, just as the power went off. (sigh)

It's always drama when you have an alarm system, by the way. We have what used to be Brinks and has since been bought out by ADT. In other words, ADT owns the service, but our system is old and still reads Brinks... And when the power goes off, it makes one hell of a lot of NOISE! They tried phoning us at one point, but we lost power again and that includes the phones. The system is set up with your phone service, so... Anyway, a big mess. And it's freaky enough for us -- so just imagine the poor cats! Colin just finally came out of hiding (I had to nearly drag him) a few minutes ago. He was under the stairs in the laundry room, way in the back...

The day started out by going to Starbucks. We kept trying (and trying and TRYING!) to phone our sister Sue. We'd hoped she'd join us there -- so we even went to the Starbucks on Hayden Island. But we couldn't reach her on her cell, nor the house phone (which nobody ever seems to answer, to be frank). It was frustrating -- and we also got worried! Suppose something was wrong? So we drove past there on our way home and I got out in the pouring rain to go knock on the door -- which didn't get answered. So then I went and pounded on Sue's window. Finally Candy came and let me in -- and Sue had been in bed and sleeping with a dead cell...

We ran a bunch of errands that didn't get done yesterday (including picking up Marilyn's pills) and then came home again. Later in the day I suggested having Sue for dinner and she came out as the storm was kicking up. I didn't hear how high the winds got, but they looked and sounded pretty damn bad to me!

I did run next door to be sure June and Jim were okay after we lost power. They were doing better than us, as we barely had working flashlights (!!!). We won't let that happen again anytime soon! June actually loaned us a flashlight while I was there. She had called earlier to check up on us (before power went out), which I thought was really sweet of her!

Anyway, back to dinner! Marilyn and I didn't eat, but Sue had the two pans of food I'd cooked (so nothing was wasted). Then she finally headed home past eight...

I'd been praying for our friends, family and neighbors to be safe -- and for their homes to be safe, too. And for our OWN home to be safe -- and for the safety of our cats and us.

But I also was doing a little praying that we'd get the power back on quickly -- because "Revenge" was on tonight and I really didn't want to miss it! Get this: The power came back on at just past 9:00 (when the show started) -- so we only missed a few minutes. Talk about the power of prayer!

Plus as far as I know, everyone else I was praying for got through things just fine... (I actually got some phone calls between 9:00 and 10:00 -- but my cell phone was upstairs nearly dead and charging, and Marilyn and I had gone downstairs to watch TV, so I never heard ANY of the calls we got. I just discovered them a few minutes ago! Doesn't that just figure... sigh...)

Marilyn and I may try and eat now, even though it's late. We were both too upset to eat before, but now we're pretty hungry (we haven't had food since Starbucks). So we'll see, I guess...

Plus we should still go by the office. We didn't want to leave the house with the power off and the storm raging! Who knew what could happen? And what about our poor cats? But it was supposed to end by 10:00, and I think it seems over now...

We surprised Sue with the present we got her on Sunday, September 22 (one week ago today). We're calling it her Christmas gift. We bought her Samsung Galaxy Tablet -- and I think she really likes it. She'd mentioned to me that she actually wanted a tablet, so we started doing research and pricing it out, then went to Best Buy. I think she's going to actually learn how to use it (with Marilyn's help). We've had a time getting it set up for her -- and figuring out how to use it. It's quite different from our iPads! But we've learned a lot, so we should be able to help her with it. She played with it until the power went out, anyway!

She's leaving it with us, because we want to put some photos on it before she gets it. Anyway, we hope to give it to her really soon (after maybe a couple more lessons)...

Off to cook! And then maybe to work.

Today was fairly STRESSFUL, so I'm glad that's all over. More tomorrow...

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