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Stormy Day in Portland, Oregon!

It's been a VERY STORMY DAY here in Portland, Oregon! We're having a tiny 'lull' right now, but it's coming back again tonight and tomorrow -- stronger than today, they say. (sigh)

There are any number of people in the Portland Metro and surrounding areas that are without POWER right now (!!!), and we're hoping that won't be us. And there is a lot of FLOODING going on all over, too -- and I doubt I need to say that this is an on-going issue with us. I'm praying we won't flood...

Those damn pine cones (why isn't pinecone one word?) in our one tree are like small sponges -- and they get very dense and heavy with water! I should try and get a photo of them, all over the driveway and ground out there! The combination of rain and wind has knocked down a ton of them. The bad thing??? They also end up on the roof and in the gutters!!! That aids flooding issues, I'm afraid. (sigh)

We did get up early enough this morning to get sausage biscuits from McDonald's -- a treat Marilyn and I really enjoy. We don't have them very often, but we really wanted one this morning. We also got lattes from McDonald's. Yummy!

We ran some errands today. And went to Walmart shopping this evening. We had some rude treatment by two of the checkers, who were Oregonian-haters (it happens there at the Walmart we shop in over in Washington state). Some Washingtonians resent it that Oregonians can come to into their stores and get a break on taxes -- because we DO NOT have a sales tax here in Oregon, which means we would probably do all our shopping here in Oregon if we didn't get that tax break. Look, if you've NEVER come across to Oregon to buy anything -- especially large ticket items (cars, furniture and so on) -- then I guess it's okay for you to be annoyed. Especially if you don't care about losing the thousands of dollars in sales you get from Marilyn and me. Otherwise, be civil, because we don't have to shop there! And it's not like we're taking anything away from you personally, is it???

Forgot to get COFFEE while shopping, because I hadn't put it on the damn list. (sigh) I can't believe I forgot! That means we'll be without coffee tomorrow. (I might be able to borrow from neighbors June and Jim, though -- they use the same brand we do! And they are very generous about coffee loans, I have to tell you!) Or we can go out early and get it...

We did NOT make it to the office today -- so we really need to go tomorrow!

I did spend time snuggled in blankets reading and snoozing today, which was lovely! A day like this is perfect for that...

What else? Marilyn is doing the treadmill as I type this (she was planning on five miles!!!). I had low blood sugar this morning and again this evening (a good thing). We had soup for dinner last night and plan to eat more soup, which we feel is healthy. We've also been eating a lot of apples recently, which we both enjoy.

I got a hair appointment for next Saturday with Dee (she didn't have any today and will be gone to Las Vegas all week). I really need a cut. Maybe I'll color this week and now wait for the cut to do that...

Praying for locals who are dealing with storm-related issues! Loss of power, flooding, trees down, fences down and on an on -- I hope everyone is SAFE and unhurt and that things improve. (And saving some prayers for our own home and safety, too...)

I guess that's it for today...

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