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Don't ask WHY I used my Daniel Grayson icon, because I really couldn't say. Maybe it's because he's on my mind today -- that will have to do, apparently! (grin) Well, "Revenge" does start on Sunday, so...

And it's pretty CLEAR that they're killing off Conrad Grayson, Daniel's dad -- and our favorite character on the show (from the very beginning). Actually, he's the reason we started watching in the first place. We're not happy about it, but we'll live with it, I guess. A terrible loss. It reminds both Marilyn and me of the loss of JR Ewing on "Dallas."

But I don't want to dwell on that. It is what it is, after all. On modern TV shows, you're always wondering WHO will die next. I have to tell you, I think I prefer the days when you always knew the main characters were NOT ever going to die -- unless the actor playing them did. And even then, they'd probably REPLACE the actor and go on with the character played by someone else! (There's a big part of me that wishes they would have just replaced Larry Hagman and let JR live... Yes, I know that's awful, but I really did wish that back last year...)

Yes, people die all the time. I get it. Actually, I get it all too well! My parents, aunts and uncles, grandparents (obviously) and many other relatives are gone. Our best friend died last August. Another close friend this past year. The list of people close to me who have died is growing longer and longer all the time...

And it includes a lot of TV characters! I've been through some HARD losses of beloved television characters over the years. We feel like we know them and we grow to love them and it's hard when they, too, die...

Oh well. It's ironic that when TV wants to have 'reality' they grab for killing people off. I mean, tell me what else about "Revenge" is making you shout 'it's just like real life'??? To say nothing of "The Walking Dead" -- hahahahahaha. Yeah, that show just reeks of reality, doesn't it? What the hell. Killing off main characters is a current TV trend -- bet actors are just loving it, by the way!

Well, that was all really an aside, believe it or not! Getting to my Friday...

I went to the office again today. That's three days this week, if you're counting. Starbucks with Marilyn and Carol this morning, before our website meeting.

The group from Fish came over to meet with us, including Nate, John, Christina and Heather. (I'm going to try hard to remember all four of them.) They did a great job on the new design and we were all four pleased with it (Marilyn, Carol, Danielle and I). I started a blog entry about the website earlier, but didn't have time to finish it up. Maybe I'll share over the weekend...

After that I had actual website work to do -- getting the Court pages ready to launch on October 1 (which is next Tuesday).

I spoke briefly with sister Sue at one point. I'd been convinced she had a cribbage tournament this weekend (???), but that isn't so. Maybe we'll see her at some point.

Marilyn and I had to leave early (by around 2:30) because of her board meeting for RHSAA (out at Roosevelt). I walked up to the local McDonalds with my many bags of stuff, because there was NO WAY I was leaving any of it in the parked car (!!!). I had all my usual trappings for work: my pink backpack (which has tons of work-related junk), my other bag where I carry my external hard drive and so on, plus the bag I use just to carry my iPad and Kindle. Today I also had my big 'boat' bag (it's a huge, sturdy canvas bag), because I'd been carrying a computer CPU in it. So I threw all the many bags into it and was dragging it around. Um... it was HEAVY, let's just say that!

It makes me think of when I was in high school (yes, a million years ago) -- and was always carrying heavy bags everywhere, filled with books. And I was worse in college! And have been bad since then, working downtown... I like to have the kitchen sink, just in case. Hahahahahaha.

I got a burger and drink and sat reading my Kindle and messing around on my iPad (McDonalds' FREE WiFi is a good thing) for around an hour and 45 minutes. Then I walked back to the car and sat waiting until Marilyn finally came out.

When we got home I quickly changed and went right in to snuggle down with my Kindle -- to read and nap. I don't know if I'm just fighting bad allergies (as I often do in September), or if I'm fighting off a cold, but I just feel a bit punk. Plus the cold autumn weather lends itself to snoozing and snuggling...

I've slept and read ever since then, until just around an hour ago.

We haven't had dinner yet (!!!), if you can believe that! And I'm hungry, in spite of my long-ago burger. Marilyn has had even less to eat than me, so she must be starving. She just finished doing the treadmill, so we're thinking about having some 'designer' soup. (That means some interesting flavor from a box, as opposed to a can of Campbell's soup -- which is our normal fare.)

That's my day -- not all that exciting! We're expecting AWFUL weather this weekend -- with a ton of rain. I'm praying we don't have issues with flooding (sigh).

We need to go to the office tomorrow, so Marilyn can work on her budgets (!!!). That's cool by me.

I was supposed to try and get a hair appointment today for Saturday (damn), but I forgot! I don't know if I can get same-day or not (I used to have no trouble with that), but maybe. I guess we'll see! I could also stand to COLOR my hair again...

Off to make soup!

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