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Late Night at the Festival Office...

As expected, Marilyn and I were late at the office tonight. Then I needed to come home and start (and cook) dinner -- and finish up the garbage and recycling from yesterday that I didn't quite manage to get done...

I went to Starbucks with Shelley and Tanya this morning -- the first time ever with Tanya! It was nice.

Marilyn had a really, really busy day -- one of her busiest days of the year. She did great, as always. (I don't know how they'd ever manage without her.) Nominating went really well, and I was glad to help out as the 'greeter' for the candidates.

The rest of the day? Donn was in and we did IT, including some work on Marilyn's new computer (still not ready at this point). Plus we talked about the inventory spreadsheet. I finally updated the password Excel and gave that to Donn...

We need to take some supplied in for doing the monitor stuff, so we didn't start on processing them today. That's fine, because we had plenty of other stuff to get done!

I also had website work to do...

And I need to get cranking on the eNewsletter for next week (!!!) and the Court pages at the website, that should ideally be ready for next Tuesday. Hard when you consider I just finally got stuff late today! Oh well...

I'm tired and fighting a cold (and having bad allergies). Amusingly, I've downloaded and am re-reading Stephen King's "The Stand," which I've read many times and love. (It deals with a super flu -- with severe cold-like symptoms...)

I talked briefly to our friend Shari today. She wasn't doing well at all. She's having major issues with incontinence and really isn't able to get out at all, poor thing. I need to try and send her an email one of these days -- and call her more often.

Well, I'm off to sleep. I'm so TIRED. And we've got another busy day tomorrow!

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