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Another Day of Computer Stuff? Um... Yeah...

So, I ended up going to sister Sue's house again today. This time I got out Candy's OLD computer and set it up. Then ran through the entire routine yet again, trying to get the proper Java installed and Flash updated. (sigh) I don't know why those two things should be so hard, but they clearly are!

Oh! Sue bought me Starbucks on the way to the house. She's VERY GENEROUS this way. I've had organization I worked for as a volunteer who have rarely or NEVER bought me coffee (after months and even years of work I've done for them) -- but Sue almost always tries to get me Starbucks on days I help them out. I think that's really SPECIAL, I must say!

Anyway, at her house and working with the old computer (as I said), and after dealing with error message upon error message, get this: was finally working!

Well, I hope it still is (I don't trust it to continue to work, I must admit). I guess time will tell...

Candy's old machine is slow -- I would have liked to work on it to see if I could speed it up a bit. But Sue wanted to go to lunch. I really didn't, but I finally let her talk me into it. We went to BJ's, which is close by the Starbucks there on Hayden Island (where Sue lives). My lunch was fair. I wasn't really hungry anyway, as I'd been feeling crappy and suffering indigestion all morning. Oh well. Happily Sue really liked her lunch, which isn't often the case. So it was all good.

On the way home she took me by Freddies, so I could get kitty litter. I wanted to do the garbage and recycling today, even though Thursday is my normal day. Marilyn and I will be working late tomorrow night, so I wanted to at least get most of it done so I wouldn't be worrying about it in the dark and rain tomorrow night... (Didn't finish up the cat boxes -- and I think I'm DONE for today. So I guess I'll be messing with those late tomorrow... sigh...)

I also went over to see June (and Jim). I had something I wanted to show June. And she showed me her new lamp in her office -- really cute!

Then I came home, did garbage and recycling and finally went to lie down with my Kindle paperwhite to read. I ended up drifting off and didn't wake until Marilyn was phoning me on her way home from work -- late yet again.

No, she didn't get her budgets done today (!!!). People just needed her constantly, aside from her meetings and other work. Plus she needed to get ready for her big day of nominating tomorrow. I'm going to help greet people (which I've done before).

We also have a website meeting tomorrow and Friday...

I asked Donn to come in tomorrow to help out with some IT stuff...

And I cooked fried green tomatoes, red tomatoes and zucchini for dinner tonight. Naturally I have indigestion (again) now. (sigh) Oh well.

I've cleaned up the kitchen and filled the dishwasher and put it to run. So now I'm off for a nap... Can you say tired? (grin)
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