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"The Wizard of Oz" 3D -- Amazing!

Marilyn and I went in to the office today, so she could start work on her budgets (which are due), and so I could take care of some IT issues...

Then in the afternoon we went over to the Regal Lloyd Center Cinema to meet up with cousin Linda. Her birthday was September (she turned 58), and she wanted to see "The Wizard of Oz" 3D -- so Marilyn decided it would be a good bday gift for her...

We got our crazy 3D glasses (!!!) and headed in. I wasn't thrilled about the idea, because I've had bad experiences with 3D in the past. (Except for Captain EO that Marilyn and I saw at Disneyland, which was amazing!) I find most 3D movies freak out my eyes, give me headaches and can even make me nauseous.

But the did an incredible job with this film! If you can afford to go, you really SHOULD. First off, it's exciting to see "The Wizard of Oz" on the big screen! And aside from the 3D, they've remastered the movie and improved the color and quality in ways I can't begin to explain. It's just such a wonderful experience!

I'm so glad we went! And Linda loved it. I'm thrilled Marilyn wanted to do something special for Linda, because I'm sure we would have never gone to see it on our own...

We had fried green tomatoes (zucchini and red tomatoes, too) tonight for dinner, rather late. Now we need to head to bed, as we have an EARLY morning tomorrow (and it's already past midnight). We had planned to go to the office tonight, but Marilyn decided to go in really early tomorrow, instead.

As for the greenies, I need to have sister Sue over when I fry them so we can all three enjoy a mess! Yummy!!!

Marilyn is going with Sue to her doctor appointment tomorrow morning. After that, Sue is picking me up to go (yet again) and try to fix up a working computer for poor Candy. (sigh) We'll see how that goes!

Gotta dash!!!

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